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Comment CCS accepts commitments by HDB lift parts suppliers QX179R 0 240 28 Mar `18, 8:42PM by QX179R view
Lock Lift woes at Golden Mile Tower QX179R 0 570 17 Jan `18, 8:55PM by QX179R view
Lock Woman injured after HDB lift fell from 4th floor QX179R 4 2,400 22 Sep `17, 8:25AM by Kotsu view
Lock Real-time lift management system to be launched QX179R 0 2,140 01 May `17, 8:11PM by QX179R view
Lock 1,000 technicians needed for lift and escalator sector QX179R 0 2,200 13 Feb `17, 9:14PM by QX179R view
Lock World’s first composite passenger lift QX179R 4 2,190 07 Feb `17, 2:46PM by sdjsblues view
Lock Centralised system to monitor lift performance QX179R 2 2,100 03 Feb `17, 12:13AM by FireIce view
Lock Steps taken to address malfunctioning lifts QX179R 4 2,130 13 Jan `17, 11:10PM by lce view
Lock Surbana, Microsoft develop technology to reduce breakdowns QX179R 0 870 25 Nov `16, 9:59PM by QX179R view
Lock Lift owners encouraged to ‘modernise’ lifts QX179R 2 1,410 16 Sep `16, 10:36PM by FireIce view
Lock Watchdog to probe practices in supply of HDB lift parts QX179R 2 1,320 15 Jul `16, 9:48AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock TCs to set aside more funds for lift replacement QX179R 0 1,500 11 Jul `16, 11:08PM by QX179R view
Lock BCA tightens requirements for lift maintenance QX179R 0 1,040 08 Jul `16, 10:39PM by QX179R view
Lock Town councils step up lift maintenance checks QX179R 3 1,620 24 Jun `16, 1:05AM by FireIce view
Lock Power supply trip at Dover Crescent HDB affected all lifts QX179R 0 1,400 22 Jun `16, 9:04PM by QX179R view
Lock Lift industry needs to boost number of technicians QX179R 0 1,100 17 Jun `16, 9:42PM by QX179R view
Lock BCA introduces measures to tighten lift maintenance QX179R 2 1,360 17 Jun `16, 10:28AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Lock Sengkang lift malfunctions for the second time QX179R 3 1,420 13 Jun `16, 8:13PM by QX179R view
Lock First Post Trainer EugeneXL 0 1,450 24 Apr `10, 7:12PM by Trainer EugeneXL view