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Sengkang lift malfunctions for the second time

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    • Sengkang lift malfunctions for the second time in 3 days

      SINGAPORE: A day after several Members of Parliament (MPs) called on the authorities to check on lift reliability, a lift in Sengkang has acted up again. This is the second time in three days that the lift's problems have been brought to light, amid the recent lift issues at HDB blocks.


      A resident who lives at Block 299A Compassvale Street told Channel NewsAsia that she had tried to take the lift up to her apartment on the ninth floor on Sunday afternoon (Jun 12). The lift jerked and stopped midway for a few seconds, eventually opening on the fifth floor. 


      Channel NewsAsia was there when the maintenance crew arrived and witnessed an angry resident telling the worker that this has been an ongoing problem. The resident also said he had complained to the Town Council about this matter before and asked them to change their lift vendor.


      According to Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council's chairman Zainal Sapari, they have instructed their lift contractor Sigma to do a thorough check and shut down the lift if necessary, until the source of the problem can be identified.


      Meanwhile, residents at Blk 299A told Channel NewsAsia that the lift's bumpiness and sudden stopping between floors have been intermittent.


      It also caused a resident, 53-year-old Faridah Mohamed to fall once. "The lift suddenly shot up, it bounced back down and then it went up again. When the lift door opened, it was not level with the ground. I didn't notice, so I walked and stumbled, and fell down."


      On Tuesday, a lift at Block 150 Petir Road “over-ran” and injured a 59-year-old woman. The Building and Construction Authority then ordered Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council to appoint an independent Authorised Examiner to inspect the lift, recommend rectification works and submit the findings to the authority.


      - CNA/xk

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