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Power supply trip at Dover Crescent HDB affected all lifts

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    • Power supply trip hits 40-storey Dover Crescent HDB block

      SINGAPORE: A power supply trip hit Block 28B Dover Crescent on Wednesday (Jun 22), affecting the operation of four lifts for about an hour.

      According to a statement from West Coast Town Council, the power trip happened at 12.26pm, and the lifts resumed operations at 1.17pm.

      The town council added it is investigating the cause of the trip.

      Mr On Geok Hee, who lives on the 19th floor, told Channel NewsAsia that he noticed the four lifts stopped working at about 12.40pm.

      "I called the town council and they said (we'd) lost power," said Mr On. "When I was climbing up the stairs, I saw a young adult living on the 38th floor who said he planned to climb all 38 storeys."

      A member of the public also notified Channel NewsAsia of the power outage this afternoon. Jess Thia said she personally struggled to climb up to her residence. "I climb and rest, climb and rest. It's not as easy as it looks to climb up beyond 10 floors," she said.

      Two of the four lifts serve levels 22 to 40 of the block, while the other two serve units up to the 21st floor.


      A resident who only wanted to be identified as Mrs Ting said she had to climb the stairs to her flat on the 22nd storey.

      "It's very tiring, especially because I am about 60 years old," she said, adding that many residents in the block are elderly.

      Mdm Loh Lan, who is in her 70s, said she noticed the two lifts serving her level were not working when she left her house for an appointment at about 1pm. "I waited for about five to 10 minutes for a lift but none came. I almost wanted to go home because I can't stand for long, then a lift arrived," said the resident who lives on the 26th level.

      Her neighbour, Mrs Toh, added that she has experienced issues with the two lifts that serve her level. "We have lived here for more than five years on the 26th level, and sometimes we are trapped inside," she said.

      Both residents said a lift would break down about once a month.

      - CNA
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