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what a $2 fishball noodle and nasi lemark stall means

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    • Today I was at a coffeeshop at eunos mrt station looking for food to eat when I saw a stall selling fishball noodle for $2.


      I was suprised that there are still stalls selling fishball noodle for $2 so I went to order it. I expect that there won't be much ingredients in it as it cost only $2.


      When I got the food, the quantity of mee was ok. It had 2 fishball, 1 meatball and some meat too.


      While the number of hawker stalls selling fishball noodle for $2 are very rare in singapore, there are still many nasi lemark stalls selling the set meal consisting of rice, chicken wing, egg and ikan billis for $2. Many of these nasi lemark stalls and other $2 stalls are having great business and have lasted there for many years


      This teaches us a very important lesson:


      While many hawkers use the inflation as the reason to increase the price of their food, the real reason is just that they want to make more profit. The nasi lemark stalls and fishball noddle stall also never increase the price but they are still having good business. Many of these hawkers who increase their price have been hawkers for many years already so they already have their own loyalty customers.


      By increasing the price, some of tehir loyal customers will feel disappointed and flock over to other stalls who never increase their price.


      I am the perfect example. At my house there is a fishball noodle stall who sell very delicious fishball noodle for $2. Business was very good for this stall always by around 12pm like that they will have finish selling their food and would pack and go home. I always go there to eat. A few years ago they increase price to $2.50 and I stop going there to eat and I went to the nasi lemark stall which sell the set meal for $2.10. They use to sell the nasi lemark for $2 and than they increase it to $2.10 which I think is acceptable.


      Now I see the nasi lemark stall business very good. Everyday latest by 1pm they will have sold all their food and pack up to go home. The fishball noodle stall business seem to have dropped. They only pack and go home at around 4pm everyday which I suspect they never manage to sell finish all their ingredients as in the past.

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    • Well, goodwill are a value-add to a business, doesn't it?

      For another example, I use to work and ate lunch at ABC Foor Centre off Queensway Shopping Centre. In fact, there many stalls sell cheap, and there were like 2 - 3stalls selling wanton mee, all selling at $2. There are also a couple of chicken rice stalls selling around $2 or $2.50.

      There are hugely popular and always have long queues.

      The reasons that they still serve old Ah Gong and Ah Mahs in the estate.

      But nether-the-less, there are tasty in their own ways and people in the end, don't mind paying extra dollars to make it to $3 just ot get more mee or wantons.

      I agree with TS that some are just using inflation as an excuse to earn more. But what to do? Complain to CASE?

      They are working long hours just to keep their business running and enough for maintain their simple middle-low income lives.

      But as long as their food is value for the money and tasty, I don't might paying abit more.

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    • Originally posted by angel3070:

      I think rental cost is the real killer.

      the goverment is the real killer , follow by the goverment that control this sector. follow by the guy that control this sector

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    • don't forget the gst our gahmen implement

      also the utilties bills

      and lastly income tax payment

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    • I am thankful to these minority hawkers who do not increase their prices.   

      Nowadays, we have $1.50, $1.80 chicken rice.

    • Originally posted by tan reborn:

      don't forget the gst our gahmen implement

      also the utilties bills

      and lastly income tax payment

      lee hsien loong said the gst is to help the poor so no choice some hawkers may have to increase the price of food

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    • stall is the amount of rpm,s it will take to make the transmission start to engage,the larger the stall the more rpm,s can be built up before the transmission fully engages




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    • Originally posted by kcockicht:

      why must charge GST on food and basic necessities?

      cannot tax on pr ft tourists, etc  or else people start to whine what

      but singaporean tax free

      all singaporean pr ft and tourists all had to be tax

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