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    • Hi

      I like to cook for the family during the weekend

      anybody care to share their cooking or secret recipe?

    • bought frozen geoduck meat from NTUC and going to cook tonight



                      250 gm                  thinly sliced geoduck meat

                      50 gm                    spring onions

                      20 gm                    thin gingers slices

                      ½ clove                 garlic (finely chop)          

                      Chinese rice wine, sesame oil, pinch of salt, cornstarch dissolved in water


      1.       Heat oil and blanch geoduck meat in hot oil over medium heat  remove meat

      2.       Oil wok ,  add spring onions, ginger and stir fried till fragrant

      3.       Replace blanched geoduck meat, add Chinese rich wine, sesame oil and salt.

      4.       Thicken sauce with dissolved  cornstarch.


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    • copy and paste recipe from where one?
      pls reference

      or else ppl might come and say u steal recipe.

      cos it did happen b4 in sgf

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