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steamboat ingredients

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    • hello people. i need everyones help. i'll be having a steamboat tml and suddenly i dont know what to buy. nice people out there some suggestion please. thanks. your help will be appreciated. (:

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    • Originally posted by ChoCoChips:


      u can nvr go wrong with meat!

      n 金针菇!



      yeah. all time favourite. enoki mushroom. thanks!

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    • preferably fresh ingredients -

      sabu sabu pork or beef, chicken, prawn, tang-O, sotong, fish, fresh scallop, meat ball, abolone, cuttlefish, crap stick (not imitation), fish ball ........

      try the  misho soup base

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    • Originally posted by voltrons.:

      check it out @


      Thanks for the resource..Really helpful :-)

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