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Benefits Of Coffee

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    • i drink so much i sometimes get heartburn.. but it's better then drinking beer all day!  haha.

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    •  I tend to go with a darker roast but lately I've been getting into medium and lights. Apparently the lighter roasts have more caffeine than the dark.I have a Gaggia (Baby) coffee machine, it takes no time to get your coffee in the morning and it is always exceptional, lots of crema and two cups at a time. Now I'm thinking of buying new one machine with grinder. Anyone who says instant coffee is the way to go obviously has never tasted good coffee from a proper espresso machine.. One tip I would add is if you want milky coffee (Cafe-latte) then use semi or fullfat UHT/Longlife Milk not fresh milk (it enhances the taste) and use an espresso amount of coffee and the rest is hot milk (So very little water).  

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    • Coffee stimulates my mental alertness more so than tea. If I really need to wake up from a food coma, I'll go for coffee. Though I'm usually a tea drinker. 

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    • I truly believe that coffee saves me every morning. However, I can`t drink more than two cups daily. One in the morning and one later. LOL my advice is never to trust people who drink their coffee with milk and sugar. Black is the true color of the coffee. 

      coffee infographic

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    • A friend of mine told me that your metabolism will get higher with drinking coffee after a work out and help burn more calories. Is that true?

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    • Enjoy the best coffee in Singapore at these cafés and coffee roasters

    • Expand your knowledge at Singapore Coffee Festival

      Many people believe that espresso has a higher caffeine level than traditional coffee, but it is actually the other way round, says Mr Casey Thomas Blanche, master roaster of Oriole Coffee + Bar.

      He will be conducting a coffee appreciation workshop at the upcoming second edition of the Singapore Coffee Festival. It is akin to a wine tasting, with participants trying top-quality coffees such as Colombia Maria Chavez and Ethiopia Shakiso.

      Mr Blanche, 38, said good coffee has no calories and provides energy. He added: "It tastes sweet and fruity and can even extend your lifespan."

      One of the returning vendors, he likens the festival to a one-stop platform that exposes coffee lovers to various types of beans from around the world.

      He said: "It not only expands their coffee knowledge, (but allows them to) understand how to better appreciate coffee based on acidity, flavour, body and finish to make educated coffee-buying decisions."

      He believes that speciality coffee is for everyone. He said: "At Oriole Coffee + Bar, we build on an all-inclusive experience…

      "We hope to take this opportunity to gather people who share the same love for coffee like us into one community."

      The brand - which has two outlets, at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites and Capitol Piazza - will be featuring its signature Taisho, an intense coffee extraction first introduced in Japan during the Taisho era and prepared by steeping ground coffee in cold filtered water

      • FYI

        WHAT: Singapore Coffee Festival

        WHERE: Marina Bay Cruise Centre

        WHEN: Aug 4 to 6, 10am to 10pm

        TICKETS: $22 (regular) and $18 (DBS/POSB cardholders and The Straits Times subscribers). For more information, visit www.sgcoffeefestival.com or e-mail [email protected]

      Death Cream, an extravagant concoction based on a recipe from the 80s, and velvety Haute Chocolate, made using the best single-origin Valrhona chocolate, will also be available.

      Mr Blanche, who has 13 years of experience, observed that there are more consumers here turning to cold brew coffee from hot drinks due to the warm and humid climate.

      "It has a thick mouthfeel, bold flavour and low acidity - a perfect drink for the Singaporean palate."

      But he warned coffee lovers to drink in moderation."Too much coffee can cause anxiety, and habitual excessive coffee consumption can cause fatigue," he said.



    • Singapore Coffee Festival 2017: Seven places to hit up at the festival venue


      About 90 exhibitors, including coffee purveyors, equipment distributors and cafes, are gearing up for the Singapore Coffee Festival 2017, which kicks off at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre this Thursday (aug 3).

      The first day has been set aside for trade and media, while Aug 4 to 6 will be open to the public.

      Vendors and festival activities will be spread over two levels in coffee-themed zones, such as Brew, Americano and Cappuccino.

      Expect lots to drink and eat, as well as listen to and watch in the form of workshops, talks and live entertainment, spread over 11,500sqm.

      Here, a guide to six places at the festival venue that shouldn't be missed.


      The venue for a series of casual chats called Coffee with the Boss, where ST editors and correspondents will pick the brains of entrepreneurs, cafe owners, social enterprise founders and corporate leaders.

      ST Life editor and veteran food critic Tan Hsueh Yun will host Posh Nosh by Hsueh: An Omakase Experience, at the lounge, where diners get to feast on an eight-course menu curated by her.

      Also, take part in an interactive quiz and you could win the furniture at the lounge, provided by online furniture store Castlery.


      Presenter DBS Bank's lounge will house The Good Market, presented by Asia for Good by DBS Foundation, where eight social enterprises will showcase a range of organic coffee, sustainably sourced chocolate, healthy snacks and all-natural skincare products. Some of these social enterprises will be conducting free workshops at The Social Ground, also part of the lounge. Be rewarded too when you bring your used plastic bottles to the recycling station at the lounge. Festivalgoers can register for the Live Kind passport online and complete four fun and easy socially conscious tasks to redeem rewards such as free coffee and an eco-friendly reusable coffee tumbler.


      While most of the festivities take place on Level 1, don't miss Level 2, where coffee vendors such as cold brew master Lorgan & Sons and cold drip specialist Boyle's Coffee have booths.

      It will also be the venue for morning yoga sessions on Aug 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun); non-coffee related workshops on flatlay photography, fragrance making and more; the ST Wine booth, which will showcase wines from established wine merchants; and Barter Market on Sat (Aug 5), where you have to barter for a service from poets, artists and other craftsmen in exchange for anything but money.


      Head to this cool spot for an al fresco barbeque with a view of the Singapore skyline; where you can chill out to live music from homegrown singers Inch Chua, Tim De Cotta, indie rock group StopGap, Ffion, Jawn Chan and Lewis Loh; and where you can enjoy a fireworks display on Friday and Saturday nights at 8.45pm.


      This creative space has been designed to be a modern take on the local kopitiam. Enjoy kaya toast, kopi-o and more from heritage brand Ya Kun Kaya Toast.


      Japanese beauty brand Shiseido presents a unique cafe concept, where you can enjoy tea items flown in from the flagship parlour in Ginza, while getting pampered with the beauty brands luxurious treatments and products.



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    • The perks of drinking coffee


      That cup of coffee you grab every morning after staying up the night before may do more than perk you up.

      It actually has positive effects on learning and decision-making, said Dr Ooi Yau Wei.

      "Individuals who are habitual consumers of coffee and tea have been shown to perform better on various tests of cognitive performance such as reaction time and visual-spatial skills," said the cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

      Found naturally in tea, coffee, cocoa products, or added to beverages such as energy drinks and carbonated beverages, caffeine works by affecting our central nervous system - more specifically, adenosine.

      It is a hormone that is responsible for slowing the nervous system and relaxing the body, said Ms Natalie Goh, chief dietitian at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

      "When we consume a drink or food containing caffeine, it blocks the effects of adenosine, resulting in greater alertness, mental energy and concentration," she said.

      Other than giving that much-needed pick-me-up, caffeine also has been shown to influence cognition and mood.

      In small and moderate doses, it improves vigilance and reaction time in those who are well rested, said Dr Ooi.

      Due to its pain-alleviating symptoms, the stimulant can also be found in common painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin.

      "It is frequently used alone or in combination with other headache treatment medications.


      "However, regular caffeine consumption can also lead to chronic migraine and analgesic rebound headache," said Dr Ooi.

      Analgesic rebound headaches are caused by overusing headache medication or painkillers.

      While low to moderate coffee consumption - up to three cups a day - has been shown to protect against heart attacks, it is not all rosy.

      Ms Goh said it can cause interrupted sleep as well, depending on the amount and time of consumption.

      Too much caffeine can also cause a rapid heart rate, elevating blood pressure in some individuals, especially those sensitive to the effects of caffeine, she said.

      It is possible to develop mild physical dependence with regular and excessive consumption, added Ms Goh.

      "For example, if a person has a habit of drinking five to six cups of coffee a day and tries to cut down drastically to one cup or none, he may experience the symptoms of initial withdrawal, such as headache, difficulty concentrating, irritability and fatigue.

      "The effect is not as harmful as other forms of addiction, like drug addiction," she said.

      For those with underlying heart disease, Dr Ooi said more than three cups of caffeine may trigger heart artery problems and heart rhythm irregularities.

      "Thus, patients at risk of heart problems should avoid drinking large quantities of caffeine," he said.

      Despite the risks, research suggests that the pros outweigh the cons, provided you do not have any existing conditions that can be worsened by caffeine.

      "Perhaps your daily cup has more benefits than you thought," he added.



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