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Benefits Of Coffee

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    • Savouring coffee might help reduce calorie intake


      People who want to reduce their daily calories without restrictive dieting should consider taking their coffee with little or no sugar - and savouring the beverage might help in that regard, researchers suggest.

      "There are 48 calories in one tablespoon of sugar, and over the course of a day, some coffee drinkers may use their entire recommended daily allotment of added sugar (100 calories for women and 150 for men) just in their coffee," they wrote in the Journal of Health Psychology.

      In a new study, Mr Richie Lenne and Professor Traci Mann of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis tested two interventions to help coffee drinkers reduce sugar consumption. They randomly assigned 127 participants to follow one of three approaches for two weeks.

      In one group, people gradually decreased the amount of sugar they were adding to their coffee, by a little bit a day.

      Another group had a lesson in how to drink coffee mindfully, by taking time to focus on the coffee and appreciate it with the senses; the lesson included a coffee tasting introduction, so participants could learn to detect the flavour, acidity, sweetness, mouth-feel and aftertaste of coffee.

      The third group went cold turkey, giving up sweeteners in coffee without any strategy.

      "Participants in all conditions had significant increases in consumption of sugar-free coffee that lasted six months, (but) the mindfulness group had a larger increase than the others," the authors found.

      In fact, a month after the experiment, the mindfulness group drank coffee without sugar more often than those who simply tried to stop.On the other hand, the gradual reduction method was the least effective. - REUTERS



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    • Hello, I usually do not drink coffee, but rather tea more, I always think that after drinking coffee has been unable to sleep, do not know is not so caffeine let me refreshing, black tea and drink will not sleep.

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    • I like to eat dessert occasionally with a cup of coffee, but compared to coffee I prefer black tea, black tea fragrance and not greasy, I think it is a good choice I have some research on tea, but many people like coffee

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    • 9 coffee hacks that will upgrade your morning with basically no effort

      You probably think that making a cup of coffee is one of the most mundane (albeit crucial) things you can do in the morning. But did you know there are some seriously easy hacks to give your morning coffee a makeover with virtually no effort required?

      It’s true! Though you responsibly make your coffee at home each day, you likely have no idea that there are a few simple (yet totally game-changing) hacks for a better cup of coffee. They’ll have you asking, “Starbucks who?”

      Here are the simplest, quickest ways to upgrade your mornings with little to no effort. You’ll be thanking us tremendously for these helpful tips.

      1. Reduce bitterness with a touch of salt.


      If your fresh morning pot came out a bit too bitter for your liking, there’s a genius two-second fix: Sprinkle some salt on it. Yep, really. It sounds odd, but sprinkling some salt into your coffee will reduce the bitterness; The sodium counteracts with the coffee’s overpowering taste. Who knew?


      2. Three words: Coffee. Ice. Cubes.


      Few things are worse than watered-down iced coffee thanks to melting ice cubes, but there’s an all-too-easy way to prevent that. Just freeze some leftover brewed coffee in ice cube trays, and you’ve got yourself the best homemade iced coffee ever. You can also do this with your milk or creamer of choice, giving your iced beverages a delicious, creamy boost.


      3. Get a bit spicy.


      If you want to add flavor or sweetness to your java without adding in a sweetener, look no further than your spice rack. Coffee enthusiasts have long touted the tastiness of adding spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamon to the beans. You can get a little crazy and add vanilla beans, orange zest, or even lemon zest for a unique flavor — whatever floats your flavor boat, baby.


      4. The cure for a cold cup.


      When you’re pouring your piping hot coffee into a cold mug that’s been sitting in your pantry forever, it might lower the temperature of your beloved morning beverage. But an easy way to make sure your mug keeps your coffee warm and toasty? Rinse it with warm water before pouring your coffee in. Honestly, how did we not think of this before?


      5. Baking soda.


      There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing your favorite mug only to realize there are coffee stains in it from yesterday. Scrubbing a little baking soda on a damp sponge will lift those stains right out, no dishwasher cycle needed. This hack also works for travel mugs, thermoses, carafes, and even coffee makers if you add some white vinegar to the mix to disinfect.


      6. Cold coffee is officially over.


      If you like to nurse your hot cup of java for several hours (or you simply got distracted doing other things with no time to finish your cup!) you’ll love this tip. Instead of reheating your coffee in the microwave (which is likely to burn it or heat it unevenly), you can reheat it slowly on the stove. But be sure to keep it on a low temperature so as not to burn it. You’re welcome!


      7. Add coconut oil or butter for healthy fats.


      In recent years, Bulletproof coffee has taken the caffeine world by storm, and now people everywhere are adding unconventional ingredients to their morning cup like coconut oil, butter, and ghee. It might sound bonkers, but some nutritional experts swear that blending your coffee with grass-fed butter or coconut oil provides your body with essential nutrients that can give you more energy (you know, if coffee alone doesn’t do the trick), keep you fuller longer, and kick your metabolism into high gear.


      The verdict is still out about how well this works, but hey, it can’t hurt to give it a try. Butter doesn’t make anything worse.

      8. Make some delicious homemade flavored syrups.


      Love added flavor in your java but hate forking over crazy money for your morning buzz? Yeah, us too. A solution: homemade flavored syrups. With just minutes of prep and cook time, you can have yourself a delicious homemade caramel coffee, vanilla coffee, or even a pumpkin spice coffee for way cheaper than the coffee shop.


      9. Recycle those grounds.


      If you end up with leftover coffee grounds, don’t just throw ’em away — there are plenty of good uses for them. You can toss them into your garden to make a natural fertilizer and pest repellent, scrub them into your pots and pans to help lift stains and grime, or even use them for a homemade coffee mask and face scrub. Coffee grounds even help neutralize odors, so stick ’em in the fridge for fresher smelling food.



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    • The world’s most expensive coffee is coming to Singapore, and it costs $85 a cup

      A coffee from Panama that costs more than your dignity will be available in Singapore soon.

      Making its Southeast Asian debut on Nov 5, the Esmerelda Geisha from Hacienda La Esmerelda topped price records at the Best of Panama coffee auction in August, pulling US$60,100 for a 100-pound lot. That comes to about $815 per pound of the precious Panama joe. That is also more than what some interns make in a month.

      The costly coffee, cultivated in the mountainous region of western Panama, will be brought in by none other than coffee connoisseurs The Coffee Academics in an exclusive launch at GastroMonth Singapore. For $128, attendees will get the first taste of the ridiculous roast, as well as coffee cocktails, mocktails and canapes to pad out the hefty entrance fee. Otherwise, a day later on Nov 6, the rest of us common folk can purchase an espresso-sized serving of Esmerelda Geisha for $85 a cup. You can have it brewed at the cafe itself (both the Scotts Square and Raffles City outlets), or bring it home for a precarious attempt at DIY-brewing (risk it if you dare). Go early—only 80 cups will be available for public purchase.

      After constantly complaining about $6 cups of coffee, an arrival like this really puts things into perspective.

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    • My every morning start with coffee. Major benefit of coffee are :

      1. Maintain Blood Pressure

      2. Prevent from heart diesease

      3. Prevent  from  diabetes

      4. Mixutre or loaded of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health.

      So take coffee, and keep away from doctor !!!

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    • Above all the scientific reasons behind - A cup of cofee makes my day!

      Gives me a awesome feel when I am down! smile.png


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