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Eat to live or live to eat?

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    • Well..I feel both is equally important, you eat in order to continue living but at the same time why not also enjoy life and eat what you like. Nowadays people have food hobbies like Cafe hopping which serves both purpose. but of cuz being healthy in food choices is important too, so we should evaluate our diet too and not solely always just eat what we like.

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    • Hello,

      I would like to ask where I can eat a good Singapore cuisine. I have a small tourist group and I must find for them a good buffet restaurant. We sleep in Hotel Fairmont Singapore. Something not too far:)

      Many thanks for help



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    • LIVE TO EAT!

    • Definitely a Live to Eat person! Having travelled the world and trying their local favorites, I still find Singapore's local delicacies the best!

      Anyway, just to share, I recently bought pineapple tarts from Pineapple Tarts Singapore (http://pineappletarts.sg/) and I got to say Im amazed! They taste so heavenly and I think this is the best pineapple tarts ive ever tasted in my life omg. Whats best is can pay online with visa and mastercard or even paypal. Deliver to my doorstep somemore. Totally recommend!

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    • definitely live to eat!!

      eating is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable out of all the things that you have to do to survive 

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    • haha,.......  people always live to eat day in day out, at night and in the wee hours of the morning.  Have car will travel, some even took the effort to drive all the way to JB to eat while others drove all over Singapore to eat and for late suppers.

      We only eat to live after having some health issues or eating problems. In short, by force one way or the other in order to live on...... as with most who gave up certain vices like smoking as an example.

      For me, I always believe eating in moderation and that's why I enjoy eating all my favorites ......in moderation.  I still drink sugared drinks like coke and sprite each time I ate at MacDonalds once a week.  An active lifestyle helps to balance our health. 

      Read all about the superfoods, remedies and medical wonders with a pinch of salt as most if not all are not well researched and tested. Most people tend to jump on a wonder drug, remedy or cure based on hearsay, youtube videos and other medias, only to be disappointed.

      The best ,medicine, is eat and do everything in moderation.  Good luck to all.




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    • Live to eat for sure, but still need to eat to live at the same time. Are you guys very much into bazaar food?

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