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    • Roti prata – one of Singapore’s most beloved coffee shop staples. Some eat the crispy, doughy pancake for breakfast, some for tea break, and others for post-drinking suppers (they’re surprisingly efficient for minimising hangovers).

      In tribute to this national culture, many prata places around Singapore have cracked their brains to (literally) toss up the most innovative pratas possible. Forget the typical kosongs and egg versions for once, here’s our pick of the 7 most unique pratas that you need to try at least once.

      Red Bean Prata – The Prata Place

      Red Bean Prata

      Photo by Saiful S

      If you like Chinese-style red bean pancakes, you’ll surely fall in love with the red bean pratas at The Prata Place, which are thin, crispy, and chock full of sweet mashed red beans. Fantastic as a meal on it’s own or as dessert. Prata aside, the shop also has several other innovative creations like the Tandoori Chicken Murthabak and Murthaburger.

      The Prata Place is located at 57B Jalan Tua Kong, Singapore 457251. Open Mon-Sun 7am – 11pm.

      Chicken Floss Prata – The Roti Prata House

      Chicken Floss Prata

      Photo by Amit Chahar

      Chicken floss has made its way into so many dishes here, from muffins and rice, to sandwiches, and now prata – something we’re really glad about. What’s better than sinking your teeth into fluffy mouthfuls of sweet dried chicken through a crispy layer of prata?

      The Roti Prata House is located at 246 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574370. Open Fri-Sat 24 hours, Sun-Thu 7am – 2am.

      Maggi Prata – Prata PlanetMaggi Prata

      A combination of Maggi goreng and prata seems like such a no-brainer that we wonder why it took so long for us to try it. The huge portion of tasty instant noodles and fresh onions wrapped in fragrant and fluffy prata was marvellous, made only better by the mildly spicy fish curry that came with it. If Prata Planet was a real planet, we’d gladly move there.

      Prata Planet is located at#01-37, 320 Clementi Avenue 4, Singapore 120320. Open Mon-Sun 7am – 11.30pm.

      Pineapple Prata – Mr Prata

      Pineapple Prata

      Photo by Small Potatoes

      From our experience with Hawaiian pizza, we know that pineapple and cheese is a winning combination. Both sweet and savoury, the Cheese with Pineapple Prata is tasty enough to be eaten without curry – don’t kick it till you’ve tried it.

      Mr Prata is located at 26 Evans Road, Singapore 259367, #01-189, 476 Tampines Street 44, Singapore 520476, and#01-3105, 742 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 470742.

      Kothu Prata – Jalan Kayu The Prata Cafe
      Kothu Prata

      “I want minced prata”, said no one ever. That’s until he or she tries Kothu Prata. Imagine a ‘stir-fried’ dish of chopped up prata dough, minced chicken, curry powder, and spices. Much skill is needed to make this dish; it looks almost like Japanese teppanyaki to us. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this is one cool prata.

      Jalan Kayu The Prata Cafe is located at 246 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437034. Open Mon-Fri 10am – 10pm, Sat-Sun 8am – 10pm.

      Coin Prata – Sin Ming Roti Prata

      Coin Prata

      Photo by Marilyn L

      If you haven’t tried the signature coin prata at Sin Ming Roti Prata, you haven’t really lived. Perhaps the best prata shop in Singapore, the pratas here are shaped into small ‘coins’, make them perfect for dipping in their wide range of tangy curries. The dough is made in-house and manages to be crispy without being too oily – and it’s all made-to-order so you can be sure they arrive at your table piping hot.

      Sin Ming Roti Prata is located at #01-51, 24 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 570024. Open Mon-Sun 6am – 7pm.

      Plaster Blaster – Springleaf Prata Place

      Springleaf Prata

      Photo by Wei Xing Chua

      Springleaf Prata Place takes a traditional prata blaster (where the egg is cooked on top of a plain prata instead of being mixed in) to the next level with Plaster Blaster, which is basically an Eggs Benedict… on crispy prata! Poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and turkey ham have never tasted so good. Also, try the Umami prata here, which combines luncheon meat, chicken floss, cheese, and egg.

      Springleaf Prata Place is located at 1 Thong Soon Ave, Singapore 787431. Open Mon-Sun 7am – 12am.



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    • my usual still one cheese one egg one kosong

      but im not so hungry, then one egg one kosong can liao



      tehcino is a must

      or milo dinosaur

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