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Healthier alternatives for instant noodles?

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    • My husband has been eating lots cup noodles lately, and he's starting to feel uneasy. I know there's a lot of bad things about instant noodles...wondering if there's other alternatives?

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    • We do try to cook on weekends, but on days when busy it's hard to find time...unhappy.png Need some quick and nutritious recipes..

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    • http://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/www.fairprice.com.sg/fpol/media/images/product/L/12331704_L1.jpg
      FairPrice Whole Grain Rolled Oats are produced the age-old method of kiln drying the oats before removing the hull or husk. The Oats are then cut, steamed and finally rolled between two large rollers, leaving the fattened flakes of grain.

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    • In addition, you can then add a variety of ingredients into it to try on different days so you don't get bored.

      For example, eggs, fruits, berries, milk, honey, black sesame powder, black bean powder... and so on and so forth.

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    • Try Hcook the app! Although new, but i've really tried some nice dishes from some of the home chefs there!

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    • Ya cup noodles are unhealthy...i used to have them for meals a lot too, they are so addictive...i heard it's coz of msg. for e sake of my health i cut down. If he likes noodles can try these spaghetti recipes I found:

      If like spicy food can try kang kang curry mee, quite good actually. instant but no msg.

      This is for rice lovers:
      If cook too much I'll usually pack e rest for next day lunch or dinner, saves time.

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    • He can have the noodles, just skip the seasoning. Purchase your own condiments or stock & he can still have himself a yummy, fast meal. Throw in an egg & ham, or veggies too.

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