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    • Foodpanda introduces 24-hour food delivery service starting with 11 eateries


      Meal delivery service foodpanda Singapore on Friday (Dec 9) introduced 24-hour delivery islandwide, beginning with 11 restaurants.

      The restaurants include fast food such as Burger King at The Central mall and Subway at Liang Court, as well as cooked food such as XO Minced Pork Noodles, Founder Bak Kut Teh and Nur Fayidha Restaurant, foodpanda said in a press release on Friday.

      A spokesman for foodpanda told The Straits Times on Friday that no additional surcharge will be added for late-night deliveries.

      While the majority of the 11 restaurants deliver to most areas, several eateries deliver only to specific areas like the Central Business District.

      Mr Jakob Angele, foodpanda chief executive, said that customers who "work late, stay up studying, watching a soccer match or just to enjoy a sneaky snack are now able to have it delivered to their doorstep with foodpanda".

      "We are looking forward to expanding the 24/7 delivery in more areas very soon," he said.

      Foodpanda has more than 1,000 restaurants on its platform, including Halal-certified options.

      You can find the list of the 11 restaurants under the "Late Night Delivery" section on the site at www.foodpanda.sg (http://www.foodpanda.sg)




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    • Have home-cooked meals prepared by other Singaporeans delivered right to your doorstep

      Delicious restaurant meals delivered to you by Foodpanda, UberEats and Deliveroo are all well and good. But if you’re beginning to miss home-cooked meals because you just don’t have time to make them, fret not. There’s a new fuss-free service coming to town just for that.

      The community-driven marketplace Dine Inn operates like a free market, with more than 200 self-proclaimed home chefs offering their heartfelt home-cooked dishes. Conceptualized by F&B veterans chef Eric Teo, who’s been in the industry for more than 30 years, and Luke Lee, owner of local six eateries, Dine-Inn will connect cooks and foodies that might not have met otherwise. Whether you’re picking between appetizers, entrees and desserts, you can choose to have them at the host’s place, self-pick up, delivered to you, or have the hosts go over to cook right in your own kitchen. Obviously this means they can only prepare is limited batch each day, but on the upside, your have immediate confirmation on your orders.

      The app is available today on the App Store and Google Play, offering the same functionalities as the web version. More info here (you can even sign up to be a host too!).  


    • Online grocery retailer honestbee to launch food delivery service


      Online grocery retailer honestbee is entering the increasingly crowded food delivery business, with plans to cater to the Central Business District, Bukit Merah and River Valley areas starting next week.

      A spokesperson for the locally-based start-up told TODAY that the company has partnered 35 restaurants, and is looking to bring in more partners as new delivery zones open up.

      “The aim is (to deliver to the) whole of Singapore but we will grow organically,” added the spokesperson, in response to queries about its growth plans.

      The spokesperson added that honestbee aims to distinguish itself from other food delivery companies like Foodpanda and Deliveroo by capitalising on its other related services.

      The company began as a grocery delivery service when it first launched in Singapore in July 2015, and recently expanded to providing on-demand laundry services as well.

      The company said its delivery service will be “just as fast or faster” when compared to the other players in the market. It is currently running a promotion on its Facebook page by giving away a free meal worth S$30 to ten winners.

      Since its launch in Singapore in 2015, the locally-based start-up has expanded across the region, with offices and operations in Hong Kong, Taipei and Japan. The company currently lists eight Asian countries on its website as areas of operations.



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    • There are many more options for food delivery in Singapore.

      1. Mcdelivery

      2 Honestbee

      3. Redmart

      4. KFC sogood

      5. Hungurygowhere


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    • Not only eatery and fastfoods, organic food delivery is also available in Singapore.

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    • Originally posted by naturesglory:

      Not only eatery and fastfoods, organic food delivery is also available in Singapore.

      if u would like to advertise, do contact our Admin for ad space


      link at bottom of page

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    • hello people, has anyone got any feedback for some of the healthy food delivery options in Singapore?? .. found a few online but not sure which is good? 

      Grain,   Eatfitmealprep, Fitnessration 

      also if u could please suggest any others?

      thanks in advance for your help!!!! 




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