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[Updated] IKEA chicken wings are back!

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    • Ikea Singapore to temporarily stop selling chicken wings after complaints from customers


      Ikea Singapore will stop selling chicken wings, a popular snack among shoppers at the furniture stores, from next Tuesday (May 23) for a period of time.

      The Swedish chain said in a Facebook post on Friday afternoon that it will improve on the wings before bringing them back.

      "We are aware that our chicken wings have not been meeting our customers' satisfaction recently, so we have decided to stop selling them temporarily from 23 May so we can improve on them," said the post that was put up at about 3pm.

      "Together with our supplier, we are committed to providing quality food products for everyone. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued support."

      Ikea told The Straits Times that it received customer feedback about the wings' "taste and texture". It does not know how long it will take to improve them, but said: "We hope to find a solution as soon as possible."

      The post was met with numerous comments from Facebook users, some of whom gave their opinion of the chicken wings served at the store's cafes.

      "Ya the chicken wings were cold hard and looked like they have been fried more than once. Look forward to having the nice juicy wings again!" said Sue Ng.

      "I used to love your chicken wings but after (I visited) last month I'm disheartened," said Oh Leng Kiong.

      Some said the slip in food standards was not a recent phenomenon.

      "I stopped liking the chicken wings some two years ago. They don't taste the same anymore.," wrote Jophrey Lim. "But I'm glad Ikea listened and decided to do something about it."

      There are cafes at both of Ikea's Singapore stores in Alexandra Road and in Tampines.



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    • i wanted to scream Nooooooo but when i see the feedback that they are cold hard and refried, its better for Ikea to restart

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    • had the chix wing some time back 

      even though my taste buds can't rber how it tasted wayyyy back then but i did find that it taste different now

      but at least the meatballs still good lah

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    • wings are big business thought, they are a rare commodity now that everyone is eating them.  every chicken only has 2 wings but we can polish them a dozen with no problem.  when MacD launched chicken wings - they literally stockpiled for 12 months!

      so prob price just went up!

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    • Ikea could start selling chicken wings again in 3 months; prices to remain unchanged http://str.sg/4LfA 

    • New original recipe. More tender. More juicy.

      IKEA’s popular chicken wings will be returning back in store from 3 July.

      Grab them at $1/wing from 3-7 July 2017

      Limited to 2 plates of 6 wings each, per person

      Only available from 3-7 July 2017 for dine-in customers at the IKEA Tampines & Alexandra restaurants.

      Coming soon to the Halal line at IKEA Tampines.

      Discover more IKEA restaurant offers here or visit IKEA’s Facebook page here

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    • Didn't know they stop selling.. didn't try it the last time we were there as recently learnt that chicken is not sth to consume 

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    • i tasted it few weeks ago

      the new version not as kick as old one

      but meatballs still same taste

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    • not as kick, not as lit

      delicious af

      fml, smh how come you dont know all these thing

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