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    • NTUC FairPrice launched its sixth Made in Singapore Fair yesterday, along with a new range of ready-to-eat meals.

      The fair is an annual initiative to raise awareness for local producers and locally produced food items, and will run at all FairPrice stores till Sept 20.

      Besides featuring 50 local products ranging from fresh vegetables and seafood to sauces and noodles, the fair will also feature a line of 17 halal-certified ready-to-eat meals developed by Taste Asia, under the Select Group.

      The meals include Asian delights such as pineapple fried rice and curry chicken rice, which are cooked and chilled, and do not contain preservatives.

      "A lot of products at the fair are actually certified with the healthier choice symbol and right now, we have about 2,000 items with the symbol," said Mr Tng Ah Yiam, FairPrice's deputy chief executive and head of products.

      "In line with the Government's push for healthier eating, we see more suppliers coming forward to tweak their recipes to ensure their products are healthier."

      The ready-to-eat meals were piloted three months ago at Ang Mo Kio's FairPrice Xtra, with positive feedback, especially from senior citizens who found the range "not only convenient but also delicious and nutritious," said Mr Tng.

      Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry and National Development, said: "Industries should seek technology and innovation to offer unique products."

      He cited the range of low-glycemic index pizzas that FairPrice has developed with Temasek Polytechnic students as an example.

      It was also introduced yesterday.

      Mr Tng added: "Buying local not only supports local companies, it also helps in diversifying and establishing greater food security in Singapore. "



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    • to be honest why would you go buy pre-preped meals though.They normally taste so dry theres nothing that pops in terms of flavour.Why not just go buy your own ingredients and cook at home?It is actually not expensive and is pretty quick as well.Lets say you can make a curry soup in the weekend,then you can just put in some extr ingredients each time you eat,it is really fast.

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