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Subway going Halal

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    • Mixed reactions after 60 Subway branches in Singapore stop selling pork


      There are signs that American fast food chain Subway may soon be Halal-certified in Singapore.

      Local media have reported that the US-based chain has shown interest in obtaining Halal certification for their outlets.

      In a tweet on Wednesday (Jan 31) by halalSG  - the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore's (Muis) Twitter handle for Halal food & certification queries - it revealed that there have been a few rounds of discussion with the Singapore headquarters regarding Halal certification.

      However, it added that "as of now, we have yet to receive any Halal applications from them. So Q at your own risk hor."

      In a reply to media queries, Subway said that currently, 60 of its branches have stopped selling pork. It has also released the full list of branches that have made the change on its Facebook page.

      The branches include those at Bugis Junction, Causeway Point, Punggol Plaza, Downtown East and Jurong Point.

      A check with a branch at Toa Payoh Central saw a sign put up, notifying customers that "this restaurant serves non-pork products".

      A sign put up at the Expo branch of Subway. Photo: AsiaOne

      Among its ingredients, regular bacon has also been replaced with chicken bacon.

      However, it is still uncertain if all stores will be affected by the change.

      Reactions to the news have been mixed, with some customers bemoaning the loss and threatening to "boycott Subway", while others hoped that they'll still be able to get the regular menu in Singapore.



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    • Subway Singapore applies for halal certification; all outlets stop selling pork

      SINGAPORE: Subway has applied for halal certification in Singapore and all of its outlets here will stop selling pork with immediate effect, the sandwich chain announced on Wednesday (Mar 21).


      The company said in a Facebook post that all of its restaurants in Singapore will serve only "non-pork protein".

      This is to "meet the needs and preferences" of customers, said Subway's country director in Southeast Asia, Sue Sim.

      Berita reported in February that the US-based chain was planning to obtain halal certification for its restaurants in Singapore.

      In a tweet on Feb 1 through Twitter handle HalalSG, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) said that Subway Singapore "had shown interest" in getting their outlets halal-certified.

      "We've had a few rounds of discussion with them to help them prepare themselves," MUIS added. 

      In a Facebook post on Jan 31, Subway Singapore listed 60 of its branches that had stopped selling pork. From Wednesday, all 132 Subway outlets in Singapore will not sell pork.

      Subway is still working towards being halal-certified.

      "We are being meticulous and taking the necessary steps to ensure we are halal compliant and meet our standards for serving quality, nutritious food," added Ms Sim.


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    • I think they should have expanded into sub-branch of stores under a different name. That way they could have kept their line of pork products in Subway stores while catering to muslim customers with halal products with the other.

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