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Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre

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    • Hawker Heaven: Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishes


      Amoy Street Food Centre is the absolute food paradise and we have proof. Hit up these stalls if you’re in need of lunch inspo!

      Can’t say we’re not biased. We adore the food scene at Telok Ayer. While it’s chock full of quality bars and cafes, the obvious gem of the neighbourhood is Amoy Street Food Centre. This absolute local food paradise houses some of the best hawker classics and new players to the local food game. Where else can you find Michelin-approved stalls, mamak mee goreng, $10 Wagyu beef donburis, non-halal biryani and more under one roof?

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesLook out for the lunch crowds at this place! Photography: Jnzl via Flickr

      Authentic Thai
      Like its namesake, all the dishes on the menu at this fine establishment will take you back to the bustling streets of Bangkok. We’re huge chilli enthusiasts so the spice level of the dishes is most agreeable to our palates. Our favourite order is a variation of a classic: fried chicken basil rice. The rice is fried with the chicken basil dish (with some extra chilli padi slices and garlic) and topped with a crispy fried egg. Queues are long but we’d like to think of it as purposeful.
      Authentic Thai, #01-35.

      Han Kee Fish Soup
      Just a heads up: if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare for lunch then we suggest looking at the other awesome choices on the list because this stall sure comes with a queue. But if there’s a full luxurious hour for lunch then waiting 15 minutes for a steaming bowl of fresh, thick fish slices swimming in a clear, nourishing broth is absolutely worth it. Another warning, the auntie taking orders is super efficient (our very own Seinfeld Soup Nazi) so you better know what you have in mind for lunch before your turn comes or you are going to piss a lot of people off…
      Han Kee, #02-129.

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesTasty as well as tastefully plated. Photography: Jessica Spengler via Flickr

      A Noodle Story
      Ramen lovers need to head to this stall. The Michelin Bib Gourmand listed Noodle Story’s local spin on the Japanese staple is definitely one of the more exciting dishes served at Amoy Street Food Centre. The young hawkers at the helm serve up springy, umami-laden noodles topped with sinful pork belly chashu, a crispy potato-wrapped prawn, juicy wantons and a hot spring egg. Art in a bowl.
      A Noodle Story, #01-39.

      Chef B Western Delight
      In need of some comfort food on a draggy day? Head to Chef’s B for bowls of generous servings of creamy pasta (there’s tomato-based options as well) that also come with a side of fried goodies, the beauty of the stall is how you can customise your meal. We usually go with carbonara with penne pasta: a thick, buttery, gooey base stirred with sliced bacon and runny eggs… and a side of breaded fried chicken. Go big or go home.
      Chef B Western Delight, #01-38.

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesOur supper favourite, maggi mee goreng… for lunch. Why not? Photography: Honeycombers

      Bismillah Muslim Food Stall
      If you’re keeping things halal, Amoy Street Food Centre offers a whole section of halal eats on the first floor. Our top choice? Bismillah Muslim Food Stall. For less than $3, you get a generous heap of spicy maggi mee goreng and other Indian muslim favourites. Good on the budget and empty stomachs, this is one to make a beeline for.
      Bismillah Muslim Food Stall, #01-63.

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesEven international footballers have paid a visit to Coffee Break in Amoy! Photography: Getty Images for ICC

      Coffee Break
      After ordering all the delicious food, you’ll probably need some cold beverages to complement your lunch. While it may not be the cheapest in the building, Coffee Break’s our favourite spot for that local iced kopi with a twist. Think a sea salt caramel kopi peng, or an Masala Chai latte peng. It also serves up fancy versions of the coffeeshop kaya toast and flavours like Earl Grey and Matcha coconut make an appearance. Who says Amoy is only interesting at lunch hour?
      Coffee Break, #02-78

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesCheck out the beef on this one! Photography: Gyu Nami

      Gyu Nami
      Donburis and authentic Japanese rice bowls can get pricey sometimes but you can depend on Amoy Street Food Centre to deliver. Gyu Nami serves up one dish, and one dish only. Still, it warrants one of the longest queues in the building. It’s not hard to see why. Their Wagyu beef donburi is a steal at $10 – imagine a mound of short-grained Japanese rice topped with a generous amount of tender and thinly-sliced Wagyu beef and a runny onsen egg with a special creamy Japanese sesame sauce. Bliss.
      Gyu Nami, #02-126

      Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles
      Another stall with long lines: save Ah Ter’s Teochew Fishball Noodles for a long lunch sort-of day. But know that at the end of the line, you’ll get rewarded with a simple but delicious bowl of soft, plump fishballs, minced pork, a spicy gravy and springy noodles.
      Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles, #01-14.

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesA local classic, fried carrot cake at Amoy Street Food Centre. Photography: Honeycombers

      Poh Kee Fried Carrot Cake
      Sometimes with so many great options, you eventually succumb to sticking to something simple – like a classic plate of fried carrot cake. Poh Kee’s version is all things good about this local favourite: greasy, delicious and the don’t skimp out on the egg. Old is definitely gold and we’ll be returning to this stall quite a bit!
      Poh Kee, #02-107.

      Ultimate guide to Amoy Street Food Centre and best local dishesMentaiko salmon is a hot fave at this Amoy Street Food Centre stall. Photography: Big Bowls Project

      Big Bowls Project
      Joining the other established stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre is this halal lunch option. Serving up Japanese rice bowls, Big Bowls have four signature options (all below $10): mentaiko salmon, Szechuan black bean salmon, truffle oil salmon and the Big Bowl’s Homemade Recipe. There’s plans to expand the menu in the future as well so remember to keep tabs. Big Bowls Project, #02-90

      Chop Chop Biryani & Meats
      For a bit of a change up, if you’re curious how a non-halal biryani would taste like with other meats instead of the standard mutton curry, Chop Chop will indulge you. Try from the siu yoke (crispy roast pork) biryani, salted egg chicken biryani, sambal sotong biryani, slow-cooked pork masala biryani and other unique options.
      Chop Chop Biryani & Meats, #02-101

      Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069111

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