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    • Originally posted by Chelzea:
      ceecookie joined liao, Cool in e member list

      my condolences to ceecookie

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    • I want to register one, then I saw this:

      AsiaOne Member Terms of Service

      You agree that the information provided in the registration form may be used for the following purposes:

      (a) To provide goods and services by SPH or its designated representatives and/or business partners to you or parties designated by you and matters ancillary thereto

      (b) To verify and process payment when you purchase goods and services from our sites

      (c) For verification and record of your personal particulars including comparing it with information from other sources and using the information to communicate with you

      (d) To conduct statistical analysis of the users of our sites including the number of users, the frequency of use, profile of users and using such analysis for our business plans, the enhancement of our products and services, targeted advertisements and conveying such information in broad terms (but not information in relation to specific individuals) to third parties who have or propose to have business dealings with us

      (e) To send you information, promotions and updates including marketing and advertising materials in relation to our goods and services and those of third party organizations selected by us

      (f) To comply with any order of court or directive from authorities investigating any alleged offence, misdeeds and/or abuse or for the purposes of taking legal action against any users for breach of the Conditions of Access and/or Terms of Service

      (g) For the above purposes by third parties (who may be based outside Singapore) who offer goods and services or sponsor contests or other promotional programs on our site, whether in conjunction with us or not, if you purchase such goods, use such services or participate in such contests and promotional programs.

      We send a regular email newsletter to our members to keep them informed about new services and promotions. By agreeing to these terms of service, you agree to receive this regular newsletter.


      Does that mean all my particulars can be used by them to spam me? Crying or Very sad

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    • Originally posted by sbst275:
      XiaXue is really a diagrace

      shes ah lian what else did u expect?

    • Originally posted by CoolMyth:
      I want to register one, then I saw this:

      Does that mean all my particulars can be used by them to spam me? Crying or Very sad

      u are being watched very closely by the government.

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    • Do you still need to enter your IC no. in order to register? Last I read on Straits Times, it was required only due to some prize contest.

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    • today news abt the p lice man whom commit crime ( actually theres been many in news before ) ..so classic examples abt ” dun ever think matta r true blue enforcers n saints”

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