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If You Are Banned Or Your Threads Locked/Disappeared...

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    • if locked, it means:

      - thread failed its function. no reason to keep it going.

      - intense flaming and other undesirable comments detected/reported. forumites ownselves upsetted the rights to continue posting in the thread.

      - opened by a troll / trolling detected. 

      - surveys. we let u reach out to our community for ur whatever school project but we hope u do hang around and be part of this community too.

      if disappeared, it means:

      - got existing thread liao, u dumbbloke. do a search. probably in the same forum or other more appropriate forum

      - you have opened a thread before. so dun repeat/repost, u dumbbloke. dun waste webspace.

      - moved to appropriate forum (why the fark u can't post in the right forum in the 1st place?)

      - inappropriate content (u can be banned too!)

      - unauthorised advertising. dun cheapo, want to advertise, pls contact Jason and sign up for our advertising package. (link at the bottom of every page)

      - rage spamming. ok, u got conned into buying some useless yet supra expensive vacuum cleaner or water purifier; someone snatched ur parking lot; u ate lousy food but paid exorbitant prices. we welcome u to join our community to discuss ur sad happenings but we do not like you to register across 50 local forums u googled to just spam ur displeasure serial one night stand style.

      - all kinds of spam, irrelevant post-fillers 

      - spreading false, unverified or malicious information


      failure to adhere to any or the above will result in ban after 3 occurences
      applies to anchor forums and sub-forums

      all stated clearly above. mai PM me.

      Edited by FireIce 28 Dec `14, 8:11PM
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