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Swimming teacher too physical

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  • hiphop2009's Avatar
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    • I cant help but to laugh at this, taken from tuesday 12 feb's my paper under the my views in 60 seconds section:


      MY DAUGHTER started taking swimming lessons recently and i found that an instructor in another group might be too physical during his teaching. He holds the girls's shoulder, arms and legs when he guides them.

      Perphaps, there should be a code of conduct for all swimming instructors which includes keeping a distance while teaching, to prevent any misunderstanding.


      Ms Catherine Ngiam Sok Huang



      kind of funny eh? keeping a distance while teaching swimming. "Oh shit! she is drowning, but wait, i have to keep a distance from the girl to prevent MISUNDERSTANDING!!!!!!!!" LOL!!!


      if u dun hold the person's arm, leg and shoulder, how the person gonna learn swimming? can, swim on land lo! HAHA.


      not like the instructor touch the girls' boobs or private part......




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    • with parent like this, i dun see any reason why our army wun becum guniang army soon.

      scare this scare tat dun learn lo. go home ask ur child fark spider can le. oni when yourself is dirty then u see it as dirty, other treats it as swimming lesson

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  • ndmmxiaomayi's Avatar
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    • On the other hand, I'm just left to swim on my own.

      1. kicking by the side of the pool

      2. learn with a swimming board

      3. swimming board removed to swim on your own

      Maybe the parents want this???

  • Lorry`'s Avatar
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    • maybe the mother wants the instructor to wear thick gloves so he wont touch the skin of the daughter icon_rolleyes.gificon_biggrin.gif


      next time when the girl grows up sure jialat biggrin.png  go sch cannot sit beside guys, canot talk to cai png uncle etc

  • ndmmxiaomayi's Avatar
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  • Boy Stratus's Avatar
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    • Would the mother be happier if the instructor drag her daughter by her hair instead? icon_rolleyes.gif

  • GHoST_18's Avatar
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    • teach theory in classroom loh..

      teach swimming the way they teach maths...

      all the diff steps and formulaes..


  • ShrodingersCat's Avatar
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    • got to be careful ma

      how u know the swimming instructor not used to be ex-SIA captain yadda yadda?

  • hiphop2009's Avatar
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    • in any case, physical contact during the teaching of swimming is unavoidable. of course, instructor do not go molest the girls la, but the parent who wrote this in to my paper should have some sense right?


      joke of the day man.

  • piakpiak's Avatar
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  • kenn3th's Avatar
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    • When you drown, the life guards must also get physical and give mouth to mouth too..

  • digicharat's Avatar
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    • next time the instructors just give theory lessons can liao.

      practical lessons the kids handle themselves. live or die their lao bu problems.

  • rainee's Avatar
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    • A lot of parents overprotective during swimming lessons de la...when I brought my students to go for their lessons a lot of parents watched over their kids like hawk. Some will call in their kids after a while cos said too long under the sun liaoz, will get heatstroke. Then got one parent wanted to feed her kid immediately after the lesson and when I told her cannot eat near the swimming pool, she just glared at me and said her child is hungry. I told her she can wait a little bit and eat when she reached school (which is just 5 minutes away).

  • fudgester's Avatar
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    • Kaoz.... cannot even touch, then how the heck are the kids gonna learn how to float and do the swimming strokes properly?

      Obviously the swmming coaches must show discretion here.... as long as they don't touch anyhow and unnecessarily, then there shouldn't be any problem.

      It's the same case for doctors... they may have to observe and/or palpate the patient's body to help them diagnose or treat an ailment, but obviously they can't  see or touch more than what they should.

  • Scania L113 lover's Avatar
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    • I learnt the rudiments of propelling through water without an instructor.

      But I still found it funny.

      That's for that stupid parent.Laughing
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