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Farrer Park Boxing Gym

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  • FoxtrotRocky's Avatar
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    • hi all, i've heard of this gym for amatuer boxers, do you have any idea where exactly is the gym? does anyone has contacts of coach bala or coach rajoo who are the instrutors there?

      thanks, i cant seem to find a contact no. or address

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  • ibrahim ahmad's Avatar
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    • Hello everyone,

      I do not know about the other singapore boxing places/clubs , but ive been training under the ex national Coach Kadir and its been good :) Theres a lot of people from different background / countries that go there and overall the coach is a true professional who brings the best students to international tournaments.

      Please click here to see all the pics & videos http://singaporeboxing.spaces.live.com/

      And the official website http://www.singaporeboxing.com/

      All the best guys & have a good day :-)


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