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Wedding ang pow advice

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    • Originally posted by yamizi:

      you can always get married without throwing dinner what

      even if you want to throw a dinner, it should out of the good will in inviting your loved ones to celebrate the cause, not out to earn monie

      Hohoho. Merry christmas

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    • Originally posted by Kokeshi:

      Sorry, maybe I wasn't being very clear.

      I've never attended a Chinese wedding at the Four Seasons before, and I've been asking around about the ang pao market rate for weddings held there. But no one has been able to give me an accurate range. I have no idea where else to continue asking or how to start calculating wedding ang pao rates (if there is even such a thing).

      I want to give a reasonable ang pao for my ex-colleague, even though I belong to the "junior staff with moderate income" category and not much balance left now in my savings account to boast about. He belongs to the higher income group and well-to-do family, while I don't.

      That is all. I'm asking very nicely already. Just don't associate me with the one who started this thread. Thanks very much for your response, anyway, Mancha. Nice shot of sarcasm there, first thing in the morning, and not much information that might help me one bit.

      Four Seasons is 5-Star, isn't it? The range that people have been giving me are like SGD 60-80 for a wedding lunch held there. Some say SGD 80 is good enough. How do I calculate how much I should give? This kind of information is good to know for a goondu like me. At the end of the day I'll probably be slipping in something like between SGD 100-150 for him. After that I can forgo lunch until my next pay-day. Yes, it is that bad for me.

      So can anyone assist? If not then please save your respective snide remarks (if any) for others. Thanks very much...


      Wah lau eh!

      Kokeshi, you take the cake, for insecurity.

      It is repeated again and again, it is up to you.

      Problem is you've got no guts.

      Maybe one day we will need to engage a professional consultant to estimate the precise amount to give. Quite complex, like feng shui, need to consider many variable factors like relationship, location, status, economy, number of persons, type of dishes, etc.

      Bear one thing in mind, if you give the precise correct amount, you will not be remembered.  After it is over, it becomes a non-event, no one remembers anything. We move on.

      Ask yourself what are you wrenching your guts for? And for whom?

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