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  • Helen of Troy's Avatar
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    • Personally I think the press exaggerated this adverse outcome and presented them in their worst light.

      It is such a big loss to struck off such a brilliant surgeon!  We are all human beings, everyone can make this kind of mistakes, only because he was less careful when citing his web, but if someone had wanted to take some grudge against him, then he or they definitely tried their best to get him struck off. 

      He had never represented to me that he was a plastic surgeon. I have the highest regard for his artistic skills, a good eye and creativity as a surgeon. The difference he made to my appearance ( I had double eyelid and facelift ) was astounding!  I will always remember 2008 as one of the best years of my life, the year my dream came true. My heartfelt thanks to him, I wish him well and will definitely be back for more when needed, looking forward to his return in December this year!

      PS:  His happy and satisfied patients are key!

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    • Originally posted by rlsh07:

      your point being?

      His/her point is that Dr Zubin Firdos Medora is an excellent cosmetic surgery specialist though he did not have a certificate.

  • Helen of Troy's Avatar
    2 posts since Jun '09
    • My point is the popularity of plastic surgery or cosmetics surgery is soaring—and more and more doctors are trying to meet the demand. Any licensed doctor can call himself or herself a “cosmetic” or even plastic surgeon, so for me the importance of finding a properly trained and an experience surgeon, outcomes and safety record in the type of procedures that interests me is paramount. He fits these criteria !!!! ! It is your body, your safety and your decision.

  • Lvuitton's Avatar
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    • well for me, i am not so sure that he's ethical or not lo. 

      i went for botox and also IPL with him in April.

      after finishing the procedure, he asked me to look in the mirror and see got any difference or not.

      i said no coz i really don't see any difference besides the redness.

      and then he compared my before n after pic, and ask me to compare. i still said no because, honestly speaking, no difference at all.

      he die die said: Got lah and bla bla bla.....

      that time, i think maybe he is an expert coz like how he described himself on the website, i tot he really so pro so didn't bother.

      then i went to KL and perform the same thing again with another doctor and this time, i really can see the difference as in big difference. smaller pores and also the botox last longer.

      now reading the article, i am really doubtful about him lo. tsk tsk tsk....not pro say pro, got ethics meh???

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