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    • 1、历史因素



      众所周知,男人的 生理特征是外露的,而女人则是内敛的,医学书籍都记载得明明白白:男人应注意散热,生殖器官过热的话很容易造成不语;而女人则应注意保暖,不应受寒,否则容易染上各种妇科疾病。而穿裤子易于保暖,裙子利于散热,所以,从生理原因上说,男人比女人更应该穿裙子。









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    • could someone do a translation? i tried google translation n it gave me a bunch of .... words

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    • Originally posted by caleb_chiang:

      One reason as to not to...

      OMG girls also have that

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    • 1st, historical factor Skirt's history is glorious, according to the historical record, starts the male from Shan Dynasty to start to put on the skirt, but female starts until the Han Dynasty only then to form puts on skirt's manners and customs. Afterward because the man each kind of reason put on the skirt to reduce gradually, only then areas and so on Scotland, Burma also preserve the man to put on the group until now the custom. Therefore, historically speaking, the man puts on the skirt is perfectly justified. 2nd, physiological factor It is well known, man's physiological characteristic is appears externally, but the woman is in collects, the medicine books record clearly: The man should pay attention radiates, the reproductive organ overheated words are very easy not to create the language; But the woman should pay attention maintains warmth, should not catch cold, otherwise easy to catch each kind of gynecology department disease. But puts on the pants easy to maintain warmth, the skirt favors the radiation, therefore, said from the physiological reason, the man should put on the skirt compared to the woman. 3rd, safety factor Now society's rape case has the frequency to be getting higher and higher, the substantial clause is feminine skirt more passes through short, studies the discovery according to the American Fsexhols Research institute, in the rape case, is raped the female to put on skirt's proportion is 85.8%, moreover, puts on the skirt to be easier than the pants to carry on rapes, rips open the time which the pants need compared to raise the time which equally the skirt needs to want above many 3 times, the female calls the time is also longer. Therefore, said from the security, the female should not put on the skirt, the skirt should leave the man to put on. 4th, economic agent The whole world has 6,100,000,000 populations, the male population approximately composes 58.99%, moreover masculine power of consumption by far strong in female. Studies according to the American Rosewaiills Research institute indicated that although the female must be higher than the male in the shopping purchase frequency, but the masculine expense total amount actually greatly is higher than the female, specially expends the aspect in the clothing. Therefore, once the male enters the skirt consumer market, will make this market the demand to increase greatly, thus is advantageous in stimulates the global expense. Therefore, said economically, the man puts on the skirt is very advantageous. 5th, legal factor The constitution safeguards the equality of the sexes, therefore in the society only allowed that the woman puts on the skirt to discriminate puts on skirt's male, is violates the constitution spirit, advocated that the man also puts on the skirt, legally speaking, has maintained the legal equivalent earnestly. Expands from this angle, is not only the skirt, looks like the bra, the flower bud silk underpants and so on not should the artificial division men and women, so long as likes, should everybody be possible to put on. 6th, other factors In the medicine has names and so on love hobby, transvestism, once the man puts on the skirt, then no longer had these names, was advantageous to each people.

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