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Sending Maid Home Allow?

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    • Does anyone has experience and know whether are we allow to just cancel the maid's work permit by buying ait-ticket and send her home immediately?

      (My maid agency said need to ask her for permission whether she ok to go home directly or want to transfer.)

      Cannot really tahan my present maid's working attitude.


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    • 1. Buy a one-way air ticket for your maid to go back to her home country. It doesn't have to be a direct flight, any flight out of Singapore will do, so you could use Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei, Singapore Airlines or Philippine Airlines if she is a Filipina. Just get the cheapest ticket. The ticket should be for a flight within 7 days of when you intend to cancel the work permit. You will probably need her passport to show to the travel agent. MAS Travel agency on the 4th floor of Tanglin Shopping Centre (#04-27) is a source of cheap flight tickets.

      2. You need the maid's passport AND work permit. If she has her WP (maids are supposed to have them at all times) she may get suspicious as to why you want it - and she may run away if she gets wind of what you are up to. You could say that you need to see if she is covered under your family health policy and the insurance company wants to see her work permit.

      3. Take the air ticket, work permit and passport to the Ministry of Labour (Manpower) office. You go to a room on the ground (1st) floor, and get a ticket number. Go early in the day to avoid the queues. They will take the work permit and staple a temporary 7 day pass in her passport; you then have seven days to get her out of the country - or risk losing your security bond - which is why you should buy an air ticket reflecting this. That's all there is to it - it only took me 10 minutes to do, same as with my friends who have done this too.

      4. Unless you have mutually agreed with your maid that she is leaving, it is safer to give her just one hour to pack and take her directly to the airport. Don't let her make any phone calls (or have maids on the condo visit her) until she gets to Changi in case she has a fit and gets hysterical - but give her some coins to make phone calls after going through the departure gate.  It is best to have at least one male (your hubby) with you, and put child locks on the car if you think she will run away. Make sure you are with her when she checks in for her flight and escort her to the immigration/departure gate so you know for sure she is leaving the country. Remember to check the weight limit on her air ticket - if she is overweight on her luggage she may expect you to pay for it - my friend told her maid that she would not pay for air transportation but arranged for some items to be shipped instead. Obviously at this point pay her any wages due.

      About a week later you will get a letter from the MoL releasing you from your $5,000 bond.

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    • if it's within the trial period (as per offered by and signed with the agency) u can bring back to agency, then choose another one

      if there is no or no more trial, u can directly send her home

      dun tell her in adv or ask her if she wanna go back

      buy the tic (most budget airlines have flight to most marias' homeland) and inform her 2 hours before the check-in time
      if u are nice u can pay for luggage check-in
      but most marias dun have much to bring home anyway

      get tic liao can go cancel WP
      she cannot kaobeh she dun want to go, wanna stay. it will be considered illegal

      watch her pack and then give her the pro-rated salary (if no work full month)

      send her personally to the a/p. never let her out of your sight, even accompany her to toilet, yes.
      and watch her go in thru customs.

      wave bye bye.



      ps. i know someone who is freelance send-maid-home-professional
      tt person will go ur house to watch her pack, drive her to a/p, watch her go thru customs

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    • Under trial period is ok, if not your deposit can be gone.

      You hv the right to send back to the agent and get a replacement, if you really send her back, you need to escort her, it is your duty, if she run away, MOM and police will go after you, and also, becareful, check her language before leaving, my last maid baked a cake with my grandma gold chain inside, and told us is for her family, so we thought no problem, she checked in the cake in a language,...there goes my grandma gold chain...at least 2 thousands in current gold price. We only realise when she went home and found her gold chain missing, then we keep thinking....we had checked her bag, her clothing, even her underwears,...her shoes, nothing...then we noted the cake she baked that early morning. Ah ma cry like someone died

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    • Try to treat others with respect and dignity. Very often employers of domestic workers do not treat their employees with the same respect and dignity which they expect from their very own employers at work.

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