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Urgent Passport Collection

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  • Csmagnum95's Avatar
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    • Flying off to Beijing next Sunday, 5th of June and discovered my passport is not validated 6 months past the date, so I went to ICA to get a new one yesterday. Told the lady at the counter at level 3 my problem and she told me to wait for an interview with one of their officers who would review my case.

      The officer there told me she approved the thing and I can collect my passport this coming Saturday, but she did not give me any card or anything.

      I went to the ICA website and it said if I want to collect on Saturday I must book appointment, but I need some sort of file reference number which I obviously don't have cos the officer did not give me anything.


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    • call first thing tml morning

      i hope u at least have the lady's name (im sure they wear name tags)

  • Csmagnum95's Avatar
    8 posts since Jul '09
    • I think I remember part of her name only, not the full one. Just hoping this thing would get sorted out soon.

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    • Next time before you or your company books a flight for you, at least open up the front cover to check.

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    • Originally posted by goodheart:

      ica is famous for always screwing up simple things de..

      why singaporeans famous for not following simple rules and regulations leh?

  • Csmagnum95's Avatar
    8 posts since Jul '09
    • Actually I have not paid. Maybe because this urgent passport collection thing is different from normal procedures. I'm supposed to pay on Saturday ($10 more as well).

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