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anybody watching the walking dead?

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    • Season 7 had came to an end. No spoiler here, so not going to say who got killed. Will be waiting for season 8. Meanwhile, have a break from the walkers and start mixing with the living.

    • Shocking images show people turning into ‘zombies’ after taking drug Spice

      Men and women in a comatose state are believed to be victims of a dangerous new strand of the former ‘legal high’, which combines a mixture of herbs and potent chemicals.

      A bus driver, Gavin Rodda, took the images at Wrexham bus station in Wales last week, where he described the people like something out of the horror series ‘The Walking Dead’.

      ‘They are clearly not in control of their body while under the influence of this drug and they are within a few steps of moving buses in a busy bus station which sees around 11,000 people pass through it each day’, 

      The 27-year-old said he started noticing an increase in drug users hanging around the bus station two years ago, while Spice was still legal.

      Earlier this week shocking pictures emerged of people passed out in the street after allegedly taking the drug.

      They were filmed in Manchester where there has been a surge in emergency admissions to hospital as a result of the drug.

      One man who said he took it said: ‘I have used it for about two years. It’s cheap in bundles and they are going for daft prices.

      ‘Heroin users are saying it’s the worst stuff going. It’s dangerous.’

      However, there are fears that a more dangerous strand of the drug is now circulating on the streets of Manchester.

      A blanket ban was imposed on all legal highs in Britain, May last year. This included Black Mamba which has similar side effects to Spice.

      Senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Manchester, Robert Ralphs, told Mail Online that the drugs have the ‘physically addictive qualities of heroin and the psychologically addictive qualities of crack.’

      Spice and Black Mamba is described as a ‘crumbly, green mix’ that can be smoked or made into a tea.

      Former user, Carl, told Mail Online he became addicted after buying a packet from a shop selling legal highs.

      He said: ‘It’s awful to come off it — you rattle. I’ve tried to get off it, but it’s harder than gear [heroin].

      ‘I smoke this because it’s better for me than injecting with needles — better for my health.’

      Police are said to be patrolling the streets at night looking for potential users.

      Video footage emerged yesterday allegedly showing a prisoner getting high in his cell at HMP Buckley Hall in Rochdale by smoking Spice through a makeshift pipe.

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    • the current season of walking dead kinda draggy already the storyline ... too much talking & too less fighting scenes as compared to season 1 i feel ... 

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