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How to be happy?

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    • Hi, I am Aaron Teo , a new sg forum member. Ive been leading a stressful life unlike all of you here and feel sad due to the pressure and working stress. Can anyone suggest how to lead a no-stress, happy and no worries life? Thanks

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    • as a mental depression sufferer, i can only say learn to enjoy suffering...its the only way to be happy in this harsh world.

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    • The optimal solution is to take good sleep for reducing stress.Listen music, walking and you can try yoga as well.

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    • Hi Aaron! I think to be happy is to find time to do what you like. (I mean really, try to find at least a little bit of your time). Doing something you like will definitely reduce your stress! Or maybe you could find time to go for a slow jog at the parks, look at the green sceneries and it will put your mind into resting mode and make you feel better! (of course!) (:

      I am currently still studying and I feel stress all the time. I know its difficult to find time to relax a bit, but you just got to give yourself a little break to do something else (I admit that sometimes I don't even have time to do my stuff due to study commitments...)

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    • Thank you all. Im feeling much better now as happiness is indeed a state of mind and facing the odds are one way of happiness.

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    • I don't think there is a stress free society especially in current context.  It all matters down on how you handle stress.  Go attend stress management workshop, hope it will helps.

      Regardless of what problem you face, you should faced it. Solve the problem/stress and do not evade it.  Because at the end, the problem still exists.

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    • Originally posted by Dancerteo:

      Hi, I am Aaron Teo , a new sg forum member. Ive been leading a stressful life unlike all of you here and feel sad due to the pressure and working stress. Can anyone suggest how to lead a no-stress, happy and no worries life? Thanks

      Hi, I am Aaron Teo , a new sg forum member. Ive been leading a stressful life unlike all of you here and feel sad due to the pressure and working stress. Can anyone suggest how to lead a no-stress, happy and no worries life? Thanks

      - how you know what lives we here lead?

      silly - the choice is in your hands. but if you got no choice then dont cum here complaint.

      else teh sol;ution i simple - go die. we burn lost more incense paper for you.



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    • you feel stressed because you don’t like your job? then change your job…but there will never be a perfect job….so you will also feel stressed…different problems surface at diff work places…it could be the job, the boss, your colleagues, etc….

      you will never be not stressed.

      there are so many demands on life, so how not to be stressed?

      even fairies in the sky are also stressed because the common people ‘fan ren’ like to ‘fan’ them.

      rather than ask how to lead a no stress life, find things to destress yourself. exerise is a good way to destress after you sweat it out releasing the toxin caused by stress.

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    • Try to let go of those things you can't control. 

      Count the things you have right now rather than focusing on those that you want. Let's face it, we can't have everything that we really want in life. 

      Try not to compare yourself to those who have more but see those people who have less than you have right now. Look at those who were typhoon victims just recently, those people who are fighting against cancer and others. Don't you see yourself luckier?  You can still surf the web and have all the reason to enjoy life while others are starving or dying. Reflect, look at the brighter side more than the negative side. 

      Hope reading this will make you feel better.

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    • In order to find real happiness and fulfillment in your life, first you must ask yourself these 4 questions:

      1. How do I really want to feel?

      Forget the actual event that you want to change in your life for a second and focus on the FEELING that the experience would give you. For example, if you want more money, decide what feeling you're yearning for, the feeling that greater financial abundance would allow you to achieve.

         Is it freedom?

         If so, ask yourself how you can create the experience of freedom inside yourself first - before striving for the external goal. This goes with any inner state: joy, happiness, peace, creativity, aliveness, etc. Find a way to emulate that feeling inside yourself first and you will then have the freedom to create what you want in the outer world.

      2. What does my intuition tell me?

      As human beings we naturally have an intuition that is aligned with Source energy. When you tune into your intuition, it will guide you towards making the most authentic, soul-driven decisions possible that will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life.

         Some of the most powerful ways to tune into your intuition is to pay attention to your surroundings, listen to your mind & body, and lastly, meditation! 

         Meditation is an incredible tool to get in touch with your inner being & it is one of my favorite ways to tune into source energy on a regular basis.

      3. Am I being honest with myself?

      Many times we want something external in order to fill a hole or to avoid something we are feeling within.

         We may want a new car to make us feel special, but realize once we have it, we already want to upgrade to the next model.

         The key is to become aware if you're searching for something outside of yourself in order to feel better about yourself within.

         Then think of ways you can reinforce your feelings of specialness, self-worth, confidence etc. without purchasing a new car.

      4. How can I enjoy the entire journey?

      Sometimes, we believe that in order to be successful, we must always feel good but the extreme highs are only part of the equation.

         Understanding that with life there are good sensations and bad sensations and even at times neutral sensations, we are able to go about our day-to-day life more faithfully assured, balanced and relaxed.

         Remind yourself each day to stay present in the moment and enjoy the unfolding process of life, instead of only focusing on your end goal.

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