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How to be happy?

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    • Have a focus plan on what's most important to you and root out other distractions.

      Watch your health and safety in every aspect.

      That's basically what we need to do first. Seek to find the root of problems and solve them.

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    • During free time, looking friends who can share almost everything, good to find some common interest on activities as well as just random chat also be perfect when both parties are busy. 

      A simple character surf internet for watch variety shows, playing my mobile game application, checking interesting news from media or even reading comedy memes images. smile.png

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    • Drop everything, buy a one-way plane ticket to Vietnam and explore it for a couple months. You'll come back with a great new perspective to life :)

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    • 1. Don't worry be happy

      2. 凡事看开,凡事包容

      3. Have an ambition in life

      4. Volunteer your time 

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    • perhaps one can happiness ......

      - when you do good deeds without any expectations

      - think of the little good things that ever happened to you from your loved ones and friends; and less of the negative ones.

      - pick up a project of interest to work on each time you felt stressed or having negative thoughts.

      - Dont use alcohol to drown your negative thoughts, which could become a habit and eventual alcoholic. Smoking is the same negative thing that one should avoid.

      - finally, do let stress and unhappiness take over your life. Good Luck!


  • RY1985's Avatar
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    • I, too, am very stressed.


      Sometimes, i feel like i am drowning with no way out. Work stress, and angry people all around me.

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    • find out the true nature of reality. we are spirits inhabiting a virtual reality we call the physical world. start by looking up quantum physics.

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    • Perception plays a huge part in your happiness.  Avoid the mentality of having "no choice, lah."

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    • listen to this song everyday brotha, that will makes you happy everyday brotha:



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