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How to be happy?

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    • Try to keep aside a little time to do something you like, on a regular basis. This really helps. I love dancing and even though I do not get time everyday, I make sure I spend atleast half an hour three days a week dancing. That surely releases out all my stress and makes me feel happy. I think you should try something you like too. What do you like to do the most? 

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    • Originally posted by rØgnVald:

      I would say.. no desire.

      Desire becomes frustration and frustration becomes pain...

      No desire, no pain... and what is hapiness, if it is not the lack of pain.

      It seems like you are paraphrasing some Buddhist concepts...... But I do not subscribe to this for the simple reason that life is to be lived to the fullest and not to merely exist.

      Pleasure/Pain are but both sides of the same coin.

      To me, to live is to dare to have dreams, to try to make something (not necessarily a high-flying career) out of life

       To live without dreams/desire is to merely exist..... doing nothing because everything comes to naught and is futile..... just waiting for death. This is a waste of the life you have! If you don't want to live comfortably, at least make someone else's life more comfortable.....!




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    • Unfortunately, there is no such life that you hope for. Everything comes with a price. Interact more with people who are in a worst state than you, and you will come to appreciate everything more. If you feel depressed, talk to someone about it. Live on, and be happy while you still can.

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    • "Life" really very stressful... very tired...

      I have 2 kids (6 year's & 2month baby), the expense very high, i try to work hard but no use, always "遇见小人". 

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    • This is a very complex question, and I think we are not like to get a thorough answer here...

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    • Don't worry, most of us had go through that (all are going through that). Stay strong and don't give up - you will see thing getting better. Just do things right.

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    • Do whatever that makes you happy, eat whatever that could cheer you up. Or you could tell someone your problem and so that might reduce the stress you're facing.

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    • Don't worry,be happy everyday,Try some games playing

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    • I think just take life as it comes. I realised don't ever go to a fortune teller. When we know our future then life becomes more stressful.

      I am sure vice versa too. sadly for me my life became a sad oen after i visit a fortune teller :(

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    • hello I am Yuki Lim , a new sg forum member. Ive been leading a stressful life unlike all of you here and feel sad due to the pressure and working stress....sob

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    • As you reached over 30's, things get more practical. It's normal that you don't feel happy because I am also not happy. But I chose to leave with it and face it. The most important is don't blame yourself over it. A balance diet will make your mood better and then the world seems alright to you again.

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