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How to be happy?

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    • Spend more time with friends, listen to music, enjoy each and every moment in your life and don't take stress.

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    • If you are introvert type, try to use any of the communication apps or diary apps to express or release your current unhappiness. Write it down somewhere or share with people who will listen to you :) 

      If you are extrovert type, hang out with your friends or just have a drink after work with people you can share the unhappiness. Even though your problem may not be solved, it still helps to relief your stress level. 

      Most importantly, you must stop and change a perspective of thinking (if you tends to think negatively or some of your friends told you so). Stay away from people who agree your negative thoughts, even though you may find it comfort to have people that agree your thoughts. The more you try to dig in, the more negative energy will surround you and you will definitely not happy. So, try to step out of your comfort zone or the norm of your way of thinking, be OPEN to listen to the advice from people and try to have an OPEN MIND to accept certain suggestions which may helps you in a long term.

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