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How to pass time during boring work?

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    • I found a part time job in the F&B industry. What I need to do is greet passerbys near the entrance of our restaurant, hand the menu to consumers and process their bill afterwards and clearing of their table.

      I have to do this 6-7 hours everyday, sometimes with a day off to rest in between. I have to stand for 7 hours straight which is causing my knees and pain to ache. Not only that, we aren't allowed to chit chat with our co-workers to make it even more boring for me. Just when I thought an hour has passed, I look at my watch to realise only 10mins had passed. I couldn't sit for a minute to rest, and I wasn't even allowed to slouch a little or lean sideways against the counter for a while :(

      I'm really frustrated because I am really bored at work but I have no choice to work because my family has many financial constrains and I'm entering Poly in April. I know my poly is gonna start soon but how do I handle the boredom for the next two weeks at work? :/ Please help me :<

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    • Play a game with your colleagues - have a competition to see who can hand out the most leaflets or who can get the most smiles.

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    • @chooyanchuen I am not slacking at work. It's just sometimes there are completely no customers and I am left standing at the counter waiting for time to fly 

      @IFeeeelGood Unfortunately it's F&B and the manager warns us with the CCTVs in the restaurant

      @Singaporeslinger I can't use my phone:< They made me sign a contract whereby if I am found using my phone or they caught me having my phone in my pocket, they would deduct my working hours, basically deducting my pay.

      Damn... Guess I'm really stuck with this boring job :S

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    • Lol I know many 16s that don't go to work so don't look down on meh :P I just find work boring :S

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    • You are working in really horrific place, These restrictions are ……., why not you just share the name so we avoid going there and make some business lose for them. What you say?

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    • You can always switch jobs like working in repairing PC/ handphones Sim Lim Square sure can get busy and pick up a skill at the same time.

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    • Originally posted by FlyingRaijin:

      Just stone there until work is over

      Stoning is an excellent idea. It is a form of mediation that can cultivate your soul.

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    • recently made a mid-career change, from fast-food restaurant to restaurant. rate is higher by around $1/$0.50. less work to do. slower pace. 

      but very boring. 

      really ah, I think hor, it is actually better to do job that is fast-paced. especially something that you have fun in doing, or very used to doing it. 

      do do do... very fast.... soon you will realise two three hours have passed... shiok sia... 

      better than now... at a restaurant. serve customers. problem is, very few customers. sian sia... but then hor, the environment there really like kampong... the people working there more friendly...

      well, I think there is pros and cons at every job.

      best is to do the job that suits your personality and interests.

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