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    • Europe, esspezialy Austria is overcrowded by thousands refugees from northern Africa, Syria, where the international war against the IS (Islamic States) is happaning. Now a Hungarian cooling-truck was found by the Austrian police beside a highrode on the eastern Austrian border. The police discovered 71 human corpses as the opened that cooling-truck. The corpses had suffered dead by suffocation. The drivers of the truck had vanished. They had taken money from the poor refugees, who were now dead, for the transport to Austria, parked the truck beside the Austrian street, let their poor passangers die in the closed up truck and ran away with the money.

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    • It's terrible, but in a lot of countries like Holland there are a lot of problems with the refugees, because there fighting.

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    • It's very pity that they had to move to other countries by cpushing the police althought they are surviving without any food for so many days..

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