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Cheaper alternatives to release stress?

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    • Eating your favourite food

      Exercising can help cos u wont think so much when exercising so less stress

      Have enough sleep because lack of sleep will make you damn tired and when u are exhausted you will become more stress

      Lastly meditating for 10-20min is good but must b in a peaceful and quiet environment den can concentrate n relak

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    • Many ppl here say sleep or eat, which I think is a very unproductive way lah. Go learn something new, or a new skill, or play a music instrument. You can learn a new language, like Malay, Japanese, etc. Or you can take up cooking, coding, learn to play guitar, piano etc. Find a friend/family member to do these together. Will make the process more motivating and enjoyable.

      Also, get as much exercise as you can. Your body will thank you for it and your mood will definitely improve.

      U play music instrument will give u more satisfaction than listening to other music. U eat food that u ownself cook also more satisfying than buying outside food. Why? Because it's the culmination of your effort to improve yourself. U also will feel more motivated to continue whatever you're doing.

      Life is not just eat, work, sleep lah. Make more new friends/bros. Spend time with family. Help other people in need. Try new hobbies or interests. Talk to old uncle/auntie working at coffee shop, jio them a drink. U will find many more other people are in a worser condition than you, yet they are still going.

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    • ya whenever I feel damn pent up and stressed I will go exercise until i'm too tired to think

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    • Reading a fiction book to sweep you away from around you. Helps a lot with stress for a moment. Does anyone else read books to reduce stress?

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