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    • i know there is no shortcut to have a fast money but I'm still here to check on comments and hoping someone, somewhere will share a better idea. teeth.png

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    • Hi everyone, I am in need of adire help and guidance. Recently, my son got "convinced" by a acclaimed "trader" to invest a lum sum with him. I have recently tried to contact him on Facebook but he deleted all my comments, and block me even. I cannot contact him. Feel free to search on him - Fortradersbytraders. Co founded by Wilbert Wynnberg, and his partner Justin Tsim. My son has invested a huge sum with him, and he burned it within one trading day. I would like to know how to make a review on his Facebook group. He is currently shifting his usual job as "trader" to a motivational speaker now (Think Act Prosper). I have posted comments on both accounts to only get my account blocked. I have no idea on how to proceed, may someone give me an advice on how do I give them a review. Last but not least, to everyone out there, please becareful of your money, as many are out to "convince" you to invest. Stay wise and apprehensive.

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    • Originally posted by Color.degree:

      online survey

      Somebody got $2,000 for online surveys


      Edited by FireIce 18 Mar `18, 11:35PM
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