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How Homophobic Are You?

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  • Clausius's Avatar
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    • One argument out there is that there is a certain portion of homosexuality and heterosexuality in each person, it just depends on the relative amounts....(I think that's true..)
      But what relative amount would make one think one is homo/hetero? 50-50? 60-40? 90-10?
      It is possible that even in every one of those proportions one can choose one's sexuality.... so why can't people choose to emphasize the heterosexuality part of them?

  • firewire's Avatar
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    • Here's something from todays newspaper in San Francisco....I know Singapore has a long way to go, but it will get there. I hope that this column brings a bit of hope to u and everyone who is trying to do some good for the rights and acceptance of gay people.

      Generational politics

      David Lee, an expert in demographic politics in San Francisco who heads the Chinese American Voter Education Committee, agrees
      that the race has become "much more than simply gay politics. It's also generational politics. Ammiano supporters tend to be younger
      people. I think there is a real movement here that is generational, anti-establishment and anti-status quo. It's really about change."

      Still, Ammiano's record on gay issues will carry weight with some voters who feel the tug of symbolism at electing the first openly gay
      mayor of a large U.S. city.

      The desire to see a gay candidate succeed also likely will draw money from gays across the nation.

      A chunk of out-of-state money for Ammiano was generated this weekend at the conference in Oakland. While Ammiano couldn't
      stump during his speech, his supporters dropped donation envelopes on breakfast tables Sunday in the main hall of the Marriott.

      The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund of Washington, D.C, a fund-raising group devoted to electing gays into office, is scheduled to
      vote this week on offering Ammiano support.

      "In the words of Harvey Milk, there is no substitute for having one of our own at the political table," said Victory Fund director Brian

  • The 7th Son's Avatar
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    • firewire:

      Hey man, I share your views. Frankly, I doubt what I posted will help to boost the image of gays or increase public acceptance. I can only speak up and contribute my point of view, and hopefully through interaction with the straight community, raise the awareness of this taboo subject. It’s really up to the individuals to change their mindset or to hold on to their beliefs.

      Homosexuality has been around for hundreds of years? Thousands of years? Yet full public acceptance never existed. And somehow, I don’t think it ever will. Homosexuality may be getting more and more visible (which regrettably gave some ill-informed people the false impression that more and more people are ‘turning into homos’), but it doesn’t mean that more and more people are giving homosexuality the nod, much less understanding the issue.

      Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I doubt I will live to see the day when I can hold hands with James while walking down Orchard Road without Mrs Ong making a big fuss over it on the forum page in the Straights Times the next day. Neutral

      'yah, it's just a phase --- those terrible guilt and struggles in life before finally coming to terms with yourself and admit that you are GAY'

    • Clausius:

      I have read an article from the web that is somewhat similar to what you wrote. Maybe it is the same article we are referring to here.

      Perhaps that argument is true. But still, it is just a hypothesis.

      Now, instead of giving you my view on this, I’d like you to ponder over this question instead:

      Assuming you are straight but you have a slight proportion of homosexual inclination in you, and assuming you can choose your sexuality, why did you not choose to emphasise the homosexuality part of you? Smile

      'yah, it's just a phase --- those terrible guilt and struggles in life before finally coming to terms with yourself and admit that you are GAY'

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