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    • All the new features in the latest Pokémon Go update

      The biggest update to Pokémon Go since its official release has finally arrived - the introduction of 80 new Pokémon from the Gold & Silver original games, adding to the baby Pokémon we got late last year.

      But besides the new Pokémon, there are a lot of cool stuff that’s been added into the latest version of Pokémon Go as well. Update your app now and check out these new features:



      Encountered Pokémon now have new animations when they appear. In addition, selecting a different PokéBall or Berry has been made easier as they’ve placed small icons on the main catch screen. 

      Try and wait for Pokémon that zigzag around or float high above to calm down before throwing a PokeBall. 



      Spin your next PokéStop and you might receive some new items, used for evolving certain Pokémon. These items are the King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Up-Grade and the Dragon Scale. You’ll also need the required amount of candy to evolve these Pokémon. These are pretty rare so count your lucky stars if you get one.

      Here is a list of Pokemon that evolve using items and candy.

      • Slowpoke into Slowking - King's Rock + 50 Slowpoke Candy
      • Poliwhirl into Politoed - King's Rock + 100 Poliwag Candy
      • Scyther into Scizor - Metal Coat + 50 Scyther Candy
      • Onix into Steelix - Metal Coat + 50 Onix Candy
      • Gloom into Bellossom - Sun Stone + 100 Oddish Candy
      •  Sunkern into Sunflora - Sun Stone + 50 Sunkern Candy
      • Porygon into Porygon2 - Upgrade + 50 Porygon Candy
      • Seadra into Kingdra - Dragon Scale + 100 Horsea Candy

      Many of these Pokémon are actually from the original 151, which gained alternate and new evolutions in this update. For the full line-up of first generation Pokémon that got new evolutions, check them out here

      Read more 

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    • Niantic to unveil major updates to Pokemon Go, new Ingress


      Niantic, a San Francisco startup, will unveil three new updates to Pokemon Go this year, plus a new version of its original game Ingress, seeking to build on the success of its augmented reality offerings.

      The developer is also busy working on new augmented reality games, Niantic Chief Executive Officer John Hanke said at a session at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona on Tuesday (Feb 28), moderated by Bloomberg Television’s Caroline Hyde.

      “The products we are building we think are the games that drive demand for AR,” Mr Hanke said. He didn’t specify when the new versions of the games would be released, but added, “We’re only just getting started on Pokemon Go.”

      Mr Hanke said Niantic was also increasingly focusing on wearable devices. Pokemon Go launched on Apple’s Watch in Nov, and the company is working with Canadian wearable technology startup Mighty Cast, which released a wristband that can be used for Ingress, a location-based mobile game with a science-fiction theme, in Jan.

      Mr Hanke flagged several areas where he thinks the mobile industry can improve, from location technology to beacons. “We are working with operators to win new customers and decrease churn,” he said.

      Since its introduction in July, the Pokemon Go app has been downloaded 650 million times, with 44,600 terabytes of data transferred. Users have also walked a combined 8.7 billion kilometres through Dec catching Pokemon — about the same distance to Pluto at its furthest point in orbit, he added. BLOOMBERG



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    • Sometimes i do play this game. However since generation 2 pokemons released, basically i just camp at home for checking whether feel lucky enough to catch rare pokemons. Alternatively, I will head nearest gym for battle received pokecoins.

      The special items tends to hard for looking out through plenty pokestops. 

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    • if the amount of catched pokemon can be traded with money, then this game will be amazingly popular

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    • stopped after i change hp

      dont bother to download and continue 

      i still some ppl playing though (on public transport, when walking around in shopping mall)

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    • Legendary Pokémon finally making an appearance in Pokémon Go

      Pokémon's one-year celebration continues with a massive raid this Saturday


      Raids were recently introduced to Pokémon Go, and as long as you're at least level 5, you can participate.

      A special raid is happening in Chicago, however, a legendary raid where a legendary Pokémon will make an appearance. Should the Pokémon be defeated, then legendary Pokémon will be unlocked for all players, beginning 23 June.

      Thus all eyes will be on the trainers in Grant Park this Saturday, to see if they can manage to beat the Pokémon during the challenge windows that will open during the event.

      You can follow the festivities via YouTube or Twitch however, and get a live reveal of which legendary Pokémon will be making an appearance. Once legendary Pokémon are unlocked, then expect to see Pokémon legendary battles where you could score your own legendary Pokémon. However, these Pokémon will not be able to defend gyms - so time to rustle up your own Pokémon gym battling groups to prepare to take down a legendary Pokémon.


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    • Can't say I've ever played it ... there again I don't have much time. I'm not much of a gamer.

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