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Why do girls wear safety shorts under their skirts/dresses?

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    • Originally posted by spidey3:

      do they wear panties under their safety pants? Or is it safety pants as panties?

      Of course need to wear Panties,so uncomfortable to wear just the Safety Pants alone.

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    • lol to prevent someone from taking advantage and looking underneath the skirts. I like the idea of skorts, its more convenient and safer.


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    • Hi if I have a news to share, because the person involved was not brought to court in the end due to first time offending, yet this crime involved outrage of modesty so how is it possible to report this news thanks

      An upskirt pervert committing the offence first time at Scape Singapore on 19th March 2016 was escaped unscathed due to police release, though he was reportedly caught red handed doing the dirty thing videoing a young lady's underneaths with his iphone 6s .


      Bernard Teo Chin Choon, 28, an NTU Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate and current employee of Infineum, reportedly informed the police he was under work stress as he was just 4 months into his new job at the company, thus he committed the crime. He was then released from police bail and was not brought to court.

      Subsequently, I saw him looking at the underneath of a girl’s skirt at Tampines Mall in May 2016.


      So what do you think and should he have been jailed? thanks

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    • To prevent zao geng? But i've noticed that more girls are not wearing safety pants nowadays.

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