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increased racism in Singapore?

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    • dont understand why the angmos here think that they are more superior . perhaps those bitches prefer toa ke that give the angmos that air in the head. To me you are just another "cunt ".

      I am not taking a long bamboo and sweep everyone off board but those " CUNT " out there , DO BEHAVE . This is my country and if you dont like it , PLEASE FUCK OFF ! 

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    • personally i hate angmoh - they smell, are wringkly and are hairy like apes - joke!!!!


    • I must admit i have been called angmoh a few times recently - it does kind of hurt me a bit - but i try not to be bitter about it.....i dont sweat as much now thank god.....!

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    • Hi, my point is more on Discrimination in the workforce. Dont get me wrong, Im working, albeit for a MNC.

      I'm a PR here, married to a Singaporean.

      Apply for a job, ring the agency and they tell you that the client wants an Asian only.   So I tell them thats Discrimination...  then they dont want to talk to you anymore.

      Even had an agenct tell me direct that they throw out Amgmo CV's because they only want to employ Singaporeans.

      Do that in Aust and get caught and you and the company can face a fine up to $100k.

      I find it quite common here.

      Local HR are Singaporeans or Malay and toss the Foreigner Cv's in the bin.  A fact.

      Local company almmost impossible to get job. Has to be MNC.

      Not sure what anyone else experience.

      Just my viewpoint.

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    • There's no racism here in Singapore but differences that we are experiencing and learning to co-exist as one united people here.

      In Singapore, we enforce the laws  fairly and impartially as well as protect the innocent the best we can regardless  of race and religion. Incidents involving different races, should not be perceived as a result of racism.

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    • The top practising racism in presidential election, citizens follow suit. 


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    • Sg is a multi-cultural city that take pride of being so, i hope this continue to be so...

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    • Originally posted by ofji4o:

      Sg is a multi-cultural city that take pride of being so, i hope this continue to be so...

      Not so now   ...



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    • No matter where you go, there will always be racist people. That is, sadly, an unfortunate fact that we have to deal with. However, don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Most of us are really friendly, and have an open and optimistic view towards other races.

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