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increased racism in Singapore?

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    • Originally posted by Pastyangmoh:

      I was called a fat smelly hairy angmoh the other night just because i walked into someone accidently whilst looking at my phone in boat quay.

      I was quite shocked and shaken up as it was the first time i had experienced such a thing - i just wondered what to singaporeans really

      think of us angmoh - do you really see us as fat smelly and hairy ?

      only local girls won't brotha, if they see you brotha, they will have always wide smile brotha because you are angmoh brotha, instead brotha, local girls are only racism against us local guys brotha, that is why now I have join the hulkster club to become macho like hulk hogan brotha if you are fat and wanna slim down brotha, do this training, it will be very useful brotha:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwyUVfOQhgQ I am currently training like him brotha and see if girls like me brotha

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    •  maybe you walk pass in front of a stress guys, i ve been at singapore for 3 month, mostly they are very kind, 

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