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Best Hair Loss Solution? Help needed!

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      bo liao's personal exp?

      Nope, someone once very close to me, went through all wid her.

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    • Hi there,

      I would recommend you to use natural stuffs instead. They might give slow results, but it would be permanent ones. Also there will be no side effects either. 

      Try to include green vegetables in your diet. You would need more of iron too.

      Use the white of an egg to rinse your hair.

      Boil a potato in water and apply the water in your hair and wash it off after 15 min.

      Alovera, coconut oil, coconut milk are also some other natural things you can use to condition and grow your hair better.

      Hope these tips would help you out.



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    • Many diet supplements, medicated oils, herbal applications claim to help growth of hair  but they don’t have proven results. In most cases baldness is caused due to heredity reasons so external application of any sort of oils or medicines won’t act as a permanent solution

      My sister tried lots of different vitamins potion and lotions years ago but nothing worked for her then she even change her newaylook like this 

      Her best solution was supplement hair...gave her instant results that look natural, so until that magic pill arrives she will have to wear supplement hair.


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    • Use the brands that are more reputable, like those that appear on television and newspaper.

      because the more popular brands are more trust worthy; won't spoil your hair.

      I got ever buy one unknown brand at a supermarket. it promise to grow longer hair, but instead, it caused the hair to drop, and caused damage to the skull.

      The more reputable brands can be trusted, because they have been around for so many years, and there is no news about them causing damage.

      Besides, the more reputable brands really add more volume to the hair, and repair damage.

      So, my advise to prevent hair loss is to use the more reputable brands.

      like "Dove" and "Pantene".

      "Dove" and "Pantene" are well-known brands that exist for many years, and there is never news of them causing any damage.

      So if you want to look for hair conditioner to use, use "Dove" or "Pantene".

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    • Another solution that seems beside the point (if all else fails), is to embrace it. I have friend who just accepted it and made the best out of it by going to the gym, getting jacked and look adsolutely stunning while doing it.


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    • Try some herb medicine. But it's not an easy thing anyway. I got some friends troubled by this issue...

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