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Why do Japanese wear masks in winter?

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    • https://www.japantoday.com/category/lifestyle/view/why-do-japanese-people-wear-surgical-masks-its-not-always-for-health-reasons

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    • Sometimes cold air can irritate your nose, maybe that's why, but I think it's more of a fashion trend 

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    • Its to prevent germs getting on their face in case they sneeze since during rush hour their train is packed like sardine

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    • I think is a habit + culture thing. When I was in Japan, I see Japanese wear mask all the time regardless of season. Might be because some of them are sick to. It's always more polite to wear a mask when you are sick

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    • I am living in Japan, and have been for the past 3 years, the answer is a mixture of both culture and weather.

      Weather: Cold wind makes your lips dry easily, or is extremely painful for your face in general if the cold wind directly contact your face.

      Culture: When they feel that they are too lazy to put on make up (which is a thing here more so than in SG) they wear them to cover their face. (Cold winter is harder to wake up to)

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    • The air quality shouldn't be too bad in Japan. Big cities might be different though...

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    • they are very conscious about smog on the road. and afraid of the spread of diseases since a series of deadly Avian flu.

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    • risk of catching colds - they take very crowded public transit, and if someone is coughing, everyone is inhaling.  

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