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Rainy + Hazy Weather Updates

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    • More thunderstorms expected in first half of November: Met Service

      SINGAPORE: More thunderstorms can be expected in the first half of November, the Meteorological Service said in an advisory on Wednesday (Nov 1).

      November is normally the second wettest month of the year after December, and "short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers" are forecast mostly in the afternoon on six to eight days of the month, said the Met Service.

      On some of these days, the showers could extend into the evening, and heavy lightning can also be expected, it added.

      There could also be widespread thunderstorms and gusty winds between the pre-dawn hours and early morning, the forecaster said.

      Rainfall for the first fortnight of the month is expected to be above normal.

      The daily temperature for the first half of the month is forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C. However daily maximum temperatures could reach a high of 34°C on a few days, said the Met Service, especially on fine weather days with few clouds and light winds.


      Except for its third week, October was a relatively wet month, the Met Service said. About half of Singapore received above normal rainfall for the month.

      October saw 21 rain days, meaning days on which at least 0.2mm of rain was recorded. This equalled the highest number of such days recorded for October in 1985 and 2003.

      The heaviest daily rainfall recorded during the period was 129.8mm around Tuas on Oct 12.

      The third week of the month, however, saw warm and dry days as the south-west monsoon eased. That week alone saw five days during which the daily maximum temperature exceeded 34°C, the Met Service said.

      The daily temperature for the month ranged between 22.6°C and 35.3°C. The mean monthly temperature recorded for the month was 28.1°C, which is 0.5°C warmer than the long-term mean for October.

      Source: CNA/nc

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    • Thundery showers to persist in 2nd half of Nov; a few warm days ahead: Moderate to heavy thundery showers are forecasted to happen mostly in the afternoon on six to eight days, and may extend into the evening on a few of these days. http://bit.ly/2jva5sc 



      The mercury is also expected to rise to a high of around 34°C, with a few warm days in the last two weeks of the month. http://bit.ly/2jx3ugT 

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