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Is it possible to buy a HDB in singapore without CPF?

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    • My mom kept telling me how important it is to work a job that has CPF because without CPF I won't be able to buy a HDB flat in singapore.

      Every time I bring up the idea of self-employment, my mom would start saying stuff like, "Oh but it doesn't have CPF. You won't be able to buy a HDB flat in singapore without much money in your CPF."

      Is what she said true? Is it impossible to buy a HDB flat in singapore without much CPF? Isn't there any other alternatives to CPF, for example, forking out money from my bank savings account to buy a HDB flat instead of using CPF?

      Or is CPF really a die die must-have when it comes to buying a HDB flat in singapore?


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    • Presumed you already working. Another way is a windfall. Try investing a dollar per draw in Toto, twice a week. Nobody knows their own lucky day so I can only say this.....

      No try Toto, no hope, Buy Toto, have chance.

      That's what majority of people including the working clasee are hoping for. Your Choice.

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    • CPF is partly your own 20% plus employer give you another 17%, of your salary

      of course you can buy a hdb flat by eg. cash, if you have say $160,000 for a 3-room BTO
      or by taking bank loan, but there is a max. amount you can loan.
      u must also be able to repay your loan.

      the resale market price will be much more than $160,000

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    • Originally posted by TehJarVu:

       $160,000 for a 3-room BTO


      go where find now?!?!?!?

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    • Yes, it's entirely possible.

      A housing agent pal of mine told me his client paid for a resale flat with 2 suitcases of hard cash.....!


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    • Hi everyone!

      On the same topic but different niche, is it possible for a foreigner moving to Singapore to buy an EC?

      I'm moving to Singapore and will be renting a condo unit at Siglap Singapore. However, i'm also interested to invest in property here, and was looking at some upcoming condominiums termed Executive Condos.

      Where's a good place or bank to approach for financial loans for properties? Also are PRs able to purchase ECs'? 

      Thank you.

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    • Hi, everyone! I am doing a research on government interventions by comparing subsidized housing systems in Singapore and Kazakhstan. I would greatly appreciate if you can respond to this survey about HDB flats: https://goo.gl/forms/KxncMYOoZlFngagD2 It has 17 multiple choice questions and it only takes 2-3 minutes to complete it. Thank you very much!

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    • Watch for property prices. Using too much cpf will lead to higher accrued interest. Affects you when you intend to sell the house 

  • Andrew.L2's Avatar
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    • Can, if you hold alot of cash. Just bec areful of how much you report as income tax every year or you might hit the ceiling to buy HDB. 

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    • CASE STUDY #22


      HDBwoes Ponder

      Brought to you by Andrew


      BTO Flat Keys Collection


      Mr & Mrs Tan : Currently own 1 property along an Singapore's Neighborhood Area


      Mr & Mrs Tan bought a BTO flat & is expecting to collect the keys in 6 months time. They had taken a HDB loan for the BTO flat but want to lesser the HDB loan amount by selling their current 4-Room flat which still has an existing HDB loan.


      What will be the best way to do this?

      1) Things to Consider When Listing The Current Flat For Sale


      When To Sell?

      Will it be too late or too early? Is there enough time to find a buyer with the right price?

      If they happen to sell the house earlier, will there be a problem? Where can they stay if the BTO is not ready?

      What if they cannot find a buyer in time? Will there be a problem collecting the Keys to their BTO flat?


      2) Having enough liquid monies for the Transition / Transaction


      If Mr & Mrs Tan prefers to not use any of their Cash Savings for key collection.

      Is there a possibility to use the monies from the sale of their current flat to pay for the renovation and for the BTO flat?

      When will the sales proceeds for the current flat be ready? What if they can't sell the current flat and yet has not enough cash to collect the keys for the BTO flat?

      What will happen if they have to delay on the collection of the keys to their BTO flat?

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