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I chanced upon a truly bizarre ability

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    • Hi guys, I'm new here. Just looking to chit-chat and get some feedback on something. smile.png

      What I'm about to share is really something utterly crazy as a matter of fact, and is pretty lengthy, so please brace yourselves and bear with me if you decide to go ahead.

      First off, I'd like to preface this post with a disclaimer:

      I'm merely sharing my personal experience, and am not looking to prove rigorously beyond a shadow of a doubt to anyone said experience. It's entirely up to you whether to believe it or not - take it or leave it - no one's putting a gun to your head to do so. If you don't, please just simply refrain from participating and/or posting inflammatory comments.

      Here goes: I recently gained the ability to create things out of nothing and teleport - no joke; not trolling; am dead serious.

      It all began when I watched some youtube videos of a French-Chinese magician called Yif awhile back. In them, he performed some really incredible "magic," among which are teleportation and creation from nothing.

      I, to say the least, was pretty intrigued. I watched every one of his videos, including live TV performances and famous celebrities and businessmen in Taiwan and China who endorse and vouch for him.

      Plus, I grew up as a Christian, so all the familiar Bible stories in the gospels started flooding my mind of Jesus stating that "All things are possible to him who believes," Him making bread and fished out of nothing to feed the multitudes, and many other miracles attributed to him including teleporting, levitating and walking on water, among many others. But the whole time they were mere stories to me, and I wasn't sure if I believed them. But I then began to see a faint, possible connection between the twain.

      Supernatural power to perform miracles only comes from two sources - dark spirits, or faith/belief, in my understanding. From all that I'd gathered about Yif, and other eminent magicians like Cyril and Dynamo, they didn't seem to be enlisting the help of evil forces, so there was only one other option left - belief. But I concluded that the only way to be sure was to try it for myself.

      In addition, I was also in the know about quantum physics and the true nature of reality. To cut a long story short, it basically showed that we are consciousnesses/spirits inhabiting a simulation/virtual reality, not unlike "The Matrix," and that there's really no physical world existing objectively, fundamentally, and independently.

      To use an analogy: we are literally living in a simulation in the same way the characters in, say, a video game live in the virtual world of the video game. The only difference between the two scenarios is that in the case of video games, the virtual world is displayed on the screen of a computer monitor, while in the case of our "real" world, the virtual world is displayed on the "screen" of consciousness/spirit.

      Consequently, I started to experiment for myself. A few weeks back I began to attempt to make a gold kilobar out of nothing. The method is pretty simple - just will what you want to happen and BELIEVE it will happen - which was what I did. Not surprisingly, I was met with utter failure - nothing happened. I kept trying on the first day to no avail, and a tide of frustration washed over me needless to say. But I thought to myself, "it's just the old, faulty beliefs about the nature of reality lodged in my subconscious mind that's getting in the way, and I should press on until I manage to overwrite those beliefs and finally get a manifestation."

      After a week or so of continuous working on it in my spare time, lo and behold, a gold bar popped up on my desk right before my eyes. To say that I couldn't believe my eyes is an understatement - I was outright flabbergasted and mind-blown. Thereafter, once the first step was made, the mental barrier was gone. The subsequent miracles came much more readily. I made a few kilobars, and then went on to making the much bigger gold delivery bar. You can imagine at this point how my mind went wild, thinking that I can make a living being a goldsmith selling faith-made gold haha!

      It hit me that everything in this virtual reality is made of the same stuff, elementary particles/energy, which upon deeping probing turn out to be just information, like in "The Matrix." "Physical" reality is generated from underlying information in the same way the virtual world of a video game is generated from information in the form of computer code.

      So, I decided to be more adventurous. I went on to other things like food and clothing and was met with similar success. I can now literally create food out of nothing when I'm hungry by simply willing it with faith without needing to go to a store to buy food! Same with clothes!

      Then a thought flashed in my mind: human bodies are basically made of the same stuff as anything else in this virtual reality - at bottom, information. However, a human being is not just a body, but also a consciousness/spirit. So I thought I'd try just making the shell of a person, the body (not the spirit, which belongs solely in God's domain).

      I have a deceased grandmother whom I was pretty close to when she was alive, and I actually made a verbatim, exact replica of her body appear right before me. It was just a shell without the spirit obviously, not the real person, and so it was inanimate. I then made it vanish shortly after off course as it was a tad creepy.

      The next miracle I tried was teleporting. After some time of trial and error, I also succeeded. I've to date teleported from room to room in my place, but I haven't tried doing it for more distant places though.

      I tell you, it's like the drama "Heroes" come to life for me lol! It's really all too much to take at this juncture.

      Right now, only my immediate family knows about this, and they are very excited about it. Moreover, I'm sharing this anonymously here because if I were to share it publicly in the open you can just imagine the kind of ridicule and criticism I'd be met with!

      So what say you? Any thoughts/feedback/advice? By chance does anyone else have similar experiences?

      Some examples of Yif's videos I mentioned:

      Creation out of and destruction into nothing example: https://youtu.be/OCnATCO5L-U?t=3m38s

      Teleportation: https://youtu.be/h-R_UjP9vzw?t=50s

      I'm telling you, what these elite "magicians" do is for real, as well as Jesus' miracles and faith-healing to boot.

      Well, I'm not oblivious to the fact that this is something that's pretty far-out and absurd to the typical person unaware of spiritual realities and the implications of quantum physics as opposed to the outdated newtonian, materialistic paradigm of the world. Once again, no one's forcing you to believe it. I'm just putting it out there, in the hope of having a discussion with kindred spirits.

      Good day! icon_biggrin.gif

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