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Most dangerous jobs

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    • Swimming/following underwater a 16 feet crocodile and then you see another 12 feet crocodile nearby. now you are in the water with 2 big crocodiles.

      Wildlife photography

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    • You are happily doing your job  and then a tu lan colleague stab you in your back.

      Office in Singapore


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    • most dangerous job brotha I had done was that huk hogan brotha asked me to take a lift to a very tall building brotha and he asked me to stand near the staircase and from 90th floor rolling down to the ground floor brotha, then he will pay me biliions of and he will make a custom belt from ted dibase for me brotha, he said it is training brotha to make myself macho brotha so I did what he said brotha and roll down my a$$ brotha to the ground floor brotha, and I am all unconscious and bleeding brotha. So I got sent to the hospital brotha and when I woke up brotha, it was hogan visting me with so many cute sexy chinese young teenage nurses standing behind him brotha and said this to me "Brotha, since you have done what I ask you to do brotha, you got the billion dollar championship belt brotha, it is worth billions of billions of dollar brotha" and he handed the championship belt to me brotha. What is more brotha, the ward nurses are so hot brotha, tight tight short nurse uniform they wear brotha and their assets are so curvy brotha hogan brotha said that this ward is mega high class brotha, president suite brotha and asked me to enjoy brotha, so shiok ah brotha and all the hot nurses as well as the female doctor is also hot brotha, best ward I have warded brotha

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  • gekpohboy's Avatar
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    • Actually, every job is dangerous if you do not follow instructions or protocols.

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  • Adriw7878's Avatar
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    • This must be the most dangerous job.....


      In Thailand's crocodile farm, feeding crocodiles with bare hands and putting your head inside jaws of crocodile.


      I no longer attend such show and don't promote. Damn sad.

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    • Despatch delivery riders which been assigned even during rainy days while boss complaint his time of arrival wasn't in time.

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    • Being a million-dollar government position... then kena dunno what shiat and demoted to a figurehead post with 1/2 salary...

      Minister for Social and Family Development 

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