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Which brand of TV do you like?

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      sony just kaput


      just bought a samsung today

      my condolences icon_cry.gif

      but the one i bought for my mama didnt kaput until last dec.

      lasted 9 years.

      sony didnt make my money for 9 years.


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    • my previous samsung still alive now. i think 10 yrs or so liao........ 想当年 bot it for 2k+ sia

      the sony oni like 5-6 years then the streaks appear across the screen
      没得救 liao 
      but then it was cheap tt time lah..... less than 1k


      yday went to roadshow see samsung tv, i told the sales rep dun show me all the colorful stuff (看了头晕 sia), just on the usual channel 8 stuff for me to see, cos that's what i will be watching........ not a field of flowers and those showing off colours and brightness "screensaver"
      once i see the screen ok, the functions ok, the price ok then bot liao



      and for those who wanna be "trendy" and buy curved tv, if the curved tv is not bigger than u, u wont get to see the real "curved" effect tts supposed to be. so just guai guai get a flat

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    • Originally posted by TehJarVu:

      curve should hv a super big living room 
      if not u will oni get 头晕

      good to know, thanks.

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