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Eyezzz on Singapore gals ^_~

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  • Kintaro^_^'s Avatar
    28 posts since Nov '99
    • Free feel to comment on singapore gals , what do you guys think of them .Any hot spots that you gals would recommand to the guys to bring their gals to , for a romantic evening ??

  • firewire's Avatar
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    • Doing my laundry now, so I don't really feel like in the romantic mood, so i'll post a small poem about a man name Dan.

      Dan, Dan...He was the man,
      He said he could,
      He said he can, pull the ultimate flim flam.

      So here was our man,
      With a plan to score
      So he donned his zoot suit
      didn't want to look poor.

      took his ass to Orchard,
      and sat in a corner,
      eyeing chicks at the counter of Borders.

      Oh Dan, Dan...
      He said he was the man...

      tried to pick a chick and was pretty lame.
      Dan our man,
      blamed his name,
      For he said,
      "Had I been James, I'd never be flamed."

      So off he went, to
      coffee bean and feeling spent
      gave away every last cent
      for an almost Ultimate blend...?

      and it was then
      that Dan put to pen,

      "The chicks, the chicks...
      they got me totally whipped"

      ...and the cloth of girls
      that made his head spin...
      For he knew,
      he could not win.

      baby blue, he knew oh so true
      that ah lien pink,
      would Dan the man think

      "Why oh why, must they make me try...
      show me skin, then make me die?"

      He took his butt and made a flick,
      got a summons,
      to pay a fine...
      all his money saved to dine,
      gone to waste and not on wine.

      So here was Dan,
      He was our man...
      shot down twice,
      lost money, lost face...
      it wasn't nice...

      Still single and lonely,
      but it had to suffice.
      For poor Dan our man,
      he could not get,
      a Singaporean wife.

  • ataraxia's Avatar
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  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • I wrote it just now....:-)

      I threw my clothes into the laundry, hit the power-up button, pulled the cockpit closed, jerked the throttle and left the thing on auto pilot while I came to write this...:-)

      I just tried to figure how a Singaporean guy would think if he was always unsuccessful all the time....hmm, sounds like I had experience hah? hehhheheh...:-)

      U like?

  • EcK's Avatar
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  • ataraxia's Avatar
    280 posts since Aug '07
  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • Yep, the laundry is all mine....moms and pops are in United Arab Emirates(Abhu Dhabi), younger bro working in Silicon valley at iprint.com (*****makes more $$$than me*****), sis is still hankering for Hollywood and still in uni.

      Poor me, left alone in Singapore....ho hum, have to do my laundry.....aiyah, even at home, mom makes us do laundry and dishes, and cleaning...but at least it was split 3 ways...:-)now....

  • Kintaro^_^'s Avatar
    28 posts since Nov '99
  • Money &Power's Avatar
    106 posts since Oct '99
    • Hey firewire:

      I can pity you in the sense that your bro is making more $$$ than you are. I have heard of iprint.com. I am not too sure if it is a publicly traded co. If it is, those stock options are gonna make your bro. rich in no time when all these high flying tech stocks are trading at prices beyond imagination.

      Man! What the hell am I doing here working for peanuts on an early monday morning. Ahh! Such as life!

  • firewire's Avatar
    763 posts since Oct '99
    • hEY pOWERMAN,

      Where are u posting from? Are u programmer? Unless ur working in the WEst, u aint gonna get paid much money for progrmming...

      Iprint.com is going public in 6 months time, and they gave hime a whole mess o' stocks when he started work, and every month he gets more.....They're hoping that it reaches 45-60$...I think quite unrealistic, but u never know...even at half that amount he's set for life already...GODDMN BASTARD...:-) sORRY TO MY BRO..HA HA just to let him know, I'mma have to hit him u fo' some dough real soon...:-)

  • Money &Power's Avatar
    106 posts since Oct '99
    • Hey firewire:

      I live in Vancouver Canada. No, I am not a programmer. I count beans for a living. HAHAHA! I am actually an accountant. Yup! one poor accountant.

      45k-60k US green bucks; that's one hell of money he is making. I presume he still is single? Wow! Huge disposal income for a single guy! Yup! he is set for life. And we poor fu...er continue to suffer, hahahaha!.

      Yeah! If I had a bro like yours, I would constantly hit him for dough too! HAHAHAHA!

  • [M]itCh's Avatar
    13 posts since Oct '99

      45-60k ?? US $$$$$$$$$$$??
      Ermmmmmmzz Is Your Bro. Single ???
      HAHAHA If He Is Then I Dun Mind Turin' Into A Gay And Get Him 2 Marry Me..

      Nahh Jus Kiddin' Besides, I'm Too In Love With Woman.. Heeehehehe
      No Offence Jus 2 Lighten Up The Sudden Professional Kinda Of Tradin' Or Wat Ever Shit That Is.
      : D

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