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    • Since year 2015, I have done 196 online surveys and earned $146 with one single website that sends work to worldwide members. Just now I did $1 survey and it took me 15 minutes to do it.

      Survey companies ask questions from people about their buying plans, rate websites and companies, brands people know etc..

      How is it Asia Pacific countries (China, Japan, Singapore etc..). Do you know about online surveys ?


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    • Optical Mystery Visit available!!


      Yes, we know that you have pretty eyes!

      We are looking for spectacle wearer or contact lenses users to join an exciting mystery shopping!

      Plenty open locations!


      It's a Purchase and Returns visit. 

      2 scenario available, 1 for Short-sighted and 1 for Long-sighted.

      Short-sighted only available at Upper Thomson Road

      Long-sighted available at most location! **Must be around/over 40 years old and priority priority!! 


      Hurry up and do not miss the chance!!  


      Visit Time: WEEKDAYS ONLY, 11am to 5pm

      Fee: SGD 20

      If interested, here's a google form to fill in https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSda-YcWfnjrpQuiOdMAm2hSviQjqo1QBFvS4j8z6Gd-KuhYKA/viewform

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