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Video: Einstein Wrong

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    • Einstein's Relativity is Wrong (14,900 views): By Run Ze Cao, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_tig3NaTjI By an undergraduate physics student. Today, not a single physicist ever write any article trying to repudiate the mechanics of Isaac Newton. As for Einstein's special relativity which was introduced more than a hundred years back in 1905, there have been non-stopped unabated controversies by many physicists over the theory' validity, but their work were never given exposure to the general public. So, why the non-stopped controversies with special relativity but non with the physics of Newton? E=mc² and Einstien's Relativity Wrong

      Edited by FireIce 30 Dec `17, 3:16PM
    • Moderator FireIce deleted my link; seems to dislike me linking to my own website. Why is it so big a deal just to add a non-commercial link? You mean the members here are too immature to know whether to click or not to click on a link.

      In the past, I too had a post saying Einstein wrong deleted. Why the need to protect Einstein's theory? Do you fear Singaporeans may easily be influenced by my writing.

      OMG!  I may be as influential a writer as J.K. Rowlings.

      Chan Rasjid.




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