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How to improve your handwriting?

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    • Good handwriting not only gives good feeling, it also reflects the person's characteristics and behaviour. The importance of handwriting has not diminished with the development of technologies. Handwriting is essential for children because it activates the brain with cognitive skills and motor control. It also contributes to the visual perception of letters and gives the positive impact on grades. So let's learn how to improve the handwriting.


       Analyze the Handwriting

      If you feel you need to change the handwriting, you know for sure your handwriting is not good. So analyze your handwriting for improvement. Analyze things such as letter shapes, letter spacing, word spacing, alignment, letter size and the angle of words.


      Try copying other handwriting

      The best way to improve your handwriting is by getting some inspirational handwriting and copying to look similar. 


       Write in air

      This may seem crazy, but it works. Try writing a full sentences in the air with your finger. Use your entire arm upto the shoulder. This will force your muscles to co-ordinate in group.


         Try different materials and style

      It is best to find best material for your use. Try using different types of pen with different tip size, to find the best combination for your handwriting. Do not change the item often. Also do not change your writing style often. Try mastering one set of style and jump to another, if you must. Try different holding style to your pen, that may also give you strength and weakness of the certain holding style.


         Practice and Practice

      Knowing how to improve your handwriting will not improve your handwriting. So, you must practice writing. Always write things, this will not only improve your handwriting but will also improve your overall academic standard. Try writing the phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" or "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs". Focus on alphabets you feel difficult to write.


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    • We seldom write now but 'type' more. I think learning grammar and having perfect English is more important than having good handwriting.

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